Animation and Interactive Design

The Animation/Interactive Design concentration blends traditional fine art disciplines with digital media. Coursework covers a broad array of digital applications and media, ranging from video art to game design and interaction design. Students gain experience creating digital environments, with 2D animation, character design, and game design.



Carleigh Amyot
Patrick Banks
Chloe Baylor
Brooke Bramante
Francesca Callander
Kelsey Cudahy
Kaitlyn Deguzman
Ansel Grissett
Natalie Harris
Catherine Hudson
Dylan Minyard (BA in Multidisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Art Histories)
John Mompoint
Diana Mungaray
Brionna Robinson
Shayla Simons
Satsuki Tazawa


Wayne Godwin, MFA
Laurie Godwin, MFA
Amy McIntyre, MFA