Congratulations to all 2024 winners! Full list is bellow.  


Silver and Gold Key works are eligible for an exhibition at East Carolina University School of Art and Design in Jenkins Fine Art Center Gray Gallery. In order to be exhibited, we MUST receive these works by 2PM on February 10th in Jenkins Fine Art Center Main office, Room 2000. 

We will be receiving the works, starting on February 5th during normal work hours (8AM-5PM) in the main office of the School of Art and Design, Jenkins Fine Art Center Room 2000. In addition to our regular open office times, we will also be receiving the work on Saturday, February 10th form 10AM until 2PM, in the School of Art and Design main entrance lobby. Here is the link to Google Maps location:


You can either deliver them in person, or ship them to us to a following address:

Scholastic Awards,

School of Art and Design

Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center

1000 East 5th Street

Mail Stop 502

East Carolina University

Greenville, NC 27858

THE WORKS MUST BE READY TO HANG OR PRESENT ON A PEDESTAL in a professional gallery setting. If your work is a 2D digital file it must be printed and matted or framed with a name, contact, and title information clearly visible on the back of the piece. 3D pieces must be delivered with attached info on a piece of paper. Videos will be shown on computer screens.

If you are shipping your artwork(s) you must pack them safely and securely in reusable box and include return shipping. Your work will only be returned if you have included return shipping.

Alternatively, you can pick up the work in person from gallery after our reception on February 24th, at 3:30PM from Gray Gallery at East Carolina University. Our drop off location is designated on a map here:

This year, we will host a ceremony for all Silver Key, and Gold Key Awardees on February 24th at Jenkins Fine Art Center. Your invitation will follow shortly.

Please fill out your RSVP form at the bottom of this page.

This year’s ceremony will include some workshops for students, as well as tours of our School of Art and Design!

There is still time to sign up for our free morning workshops!!!

Sign up here:


Our schedule for February 24th, the Awards Day:

10:00AM- noon Student workshops and Jenkins Fine Art Center tours

12:00PM – 1:30PM Gray Gallery Exhibition Reception and Jenkins Tours

1:30PM – Awards Ceremony in Speight Auditorium, Jenkins Fine Art Center rm 1220

Participants can pick up the work form the Gray gallery immediately following the ceremony…

Congratulations again, and we look forward to exhibiting your artwork and meeting you at the ceremony! If you have any additional questions, please contact me directly.

Daniel Kariko,, 252-328-4063

Please complete the RSVP form at the bottom of this page if you plan to join us for the Scholastic Awards Ceremony on February 24th!




Congratulations to all 2024 Eastern North Carolina Regional Scholastic Art Awards Winners!

(Including Name, School and Title of the Artwork)



Portfolio Winners

Gold Key:

Cheng         Mei             Quality Time                                                     Cardinal Gibbons High School

Hoerner      Paige           Childhood and Modernization                         Longleaf School of The Arts

Mclean       Maddie       The Juxtaposition of Reality and Emotion       Heritage High School

Collins         Milly            Natural Subjects                                               Cardinal Gibbons High School

Cortina        Sydney        Hair, Hems, and Hormones – A Female Experience          Cape Fear Academy

Mcdaniel    Grace          Movere                                                             Ravenscroft School

Nichols        Martha        Emotional Environments                                 Cardinal Gibbons High School


Silver Key:

Yan               Frankie         Frankie’s Portfolio #1         Apex High School

Snyder          Ashley           Untitled                              Millbrook High School

Simonson     Kaitlyn          Observational Art Portfolio        Eno River Academy

Ram              Sanjana         What Makes me.. Me?       North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Chester         Belle             Emotions of Life                 Apex High School

Hood            Aeryn            Flight                                  Croatan High School

Horne           Austyn          Internal Reflection             Topsail High School

Shin              Emma           Awareness                          Green Hope High School

Botfeld         Chloe            Stitch by Stitch                   Broughton High School

Chang           Isabel            Kinship                                Cary Academy


Honorable Mention:

Edmundson   Ashton        A Collection of My Finest Works            Greenfield School

Young            Susannah    Finding Hope in Disaster

Shin                Jae Hee       Emergency Calls from the Earth North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Botfeld           Chloe           Stitch by Stitch                        Broughton High School

Macha           Esha            My Identity and Cultural Journey          Green Level High School

Caplan           Laurel          Uncertainty & Randomness    Ravenscroft School

Gilliom           Eliza             The Death of Pain                    East Chapel Hill High School

Chester          Ella              Life Lessons                             Apex High School

Kumar            Sutharsika   Embodied Narratives              North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)


American Visions Nominations

Shin               Jae Hee         Microplastic Chains                       North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Chang           Isabel            Bubbles of Hope                            Cary Academy

Na                 Yeji                Mechanical Life Under the Ocean Cary Christian School

Wan              Eric                The Dignified orchid stands tall    Eastern Alamance High School

Nichols          Martha         Our Future                                     Cardinal Gibbons High School


Gold Key Awards

Ciccone       Milo                             Anthropocene                      Charles E Jordan High School

Shin             Jenny                           Stage Fright                          Enloe High School

Shin             Jae Hee                        Microplastic Chains              North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Ciccone       Milo                             State Fair                              Charles E Jordan High School

Dai              Rui                               Cruelty                                  Green Hope High School

Chang         Isabel                           Bubbles of Hope                   Cary Academy

Chang         Isabel                           The Constellation Seamstress   Cary Academy

Richey         Ruby                            Washed Out                         Camelot Academy

Shin             Jae Hee                        Wrapping Up: Present          North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Goldsmith   Madison                      Imbibe                                   East Chapel Hill High School

Goldsmith   Madison                      out                                        East Chapel Hill High School

Park            Catherine                    Peace in the corrupted world   Cary Christian School

Ye                Andrea                        Reunion Party                     Cary Academy

Yao              Rebecca                       Joy                                         Mei Studio

Na               Yeji                              Mechanical Life Under the Ocean        Cary Christian School

Wan            Eric                              The Dignified orchid stands tall East Chapel Hill High School

Wan            Eric                              Snapshot                              East Chapel Hill High School

Hulka          Miles                           Gentle Eastern North Carolina Fall       Arendell Parrott Academy

Le                Tien                             Fences                                   Arendell Parrott Academy

Fang            Teresa                         Carolina BBQ                        North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Bailey          Elizabeth                     Portrait Study                       St David’s School

Xu               Cathleen                      Self Portrait                          Raleigh Charter High School

Zhang          Eric                              Animal Evolution                  R D & Euzelle Smith Middle School

Moon          Seah                            A Future With No Fresh Air  Mills Park Middle School

Morgan       Brooke                         Emo Hoodie                          Holly Springs High School

Li                 Hao                              All About Me                        East Chapel Hill High School

Tewell         Ozzy                             Crowded                               Eno River Academy

Birger          Anastasia                     Halted At A Crossroads        Athens Drive High School

Atos            Lauren Margarette      A Night in Town                    Chapel Hill High School

Corey          Camille                        Tears of Pearl                       Longleaf School of The Arts

Hamilton     Hayden Elizabeth        Sipping Gold                         Green Hope High School

Kwak           Alexandra                    Good Catch                           Cardinal Gibbons High School

Neill            Elizabeth                     Tea for the Heartless Queen     Durham School Of The Arts

Zhang          Carol                            Fogong Pagoda                     Thales Academy Apex 6-12

Zhang          Yanzhi                          Life                                        Green Hope High School

Colton         Mars                            Invasive Flesh                       Longleaf School of The Arts

Rose            Corrie                          City Squealing                       East Carteret High School

Rose            Corrie                          Daniel Caesar                       East Carteret High School

Yan              Avril                             In Memoriam                       Green Hope High School

Gabin          Johnny                         A Look into the Past             West Carteret High School

Bost            Beckett                        Illegal Alien 2                        Charles E Jordan High School

Murray       Maggie                        Growth 2                              East Carteret High School

Ito               Naomi                         Festival Night Kingyo-Sukui Enloe High School

Caloca-Desilos               Natalia                                                  A Light Unknown Cardinal Gibbons High School

Johnston     Emily                           Wasted Away                       Willow Spring High School

Angeles       Jonas                           Mar-5-2020                          North Moore High School

Ferrell         Clover                          Sailor’s Quarters                   Eno River Academy

Cao             Vincent                        Ensnared                               Durham Academy Upper School

Lizardo-Avila                  Alexis                                                    can’t you see i need your love?          West Carteret High School

White          Sailor                           G Money                               West Carteret High School

Marks         Riley                            Masked Omen                      Athens Drive High School

Nichols        Martha                        Our Future                            Cardinal Gibbons High School

Campbell    Autumn                       Scrutiny                                 Ravenscroft School

Nichols        Martha                        Daphne                                 Cardinal Gibbons High School

Cortina        Sydney                         Dress                                     Cape Fear Academy

Yang            Haimeng                      Red; White; and Blue           Green Level High School

Mclean       Maddie                        Dissolution                            Heritage High School

Feng            Eric                              Dusk                                      Heritage High School

Feng            Eric                              Portrait of Grandma             Heritage High School

Chen           Lexie                            Folds of Freedom                Durham Academy Upper School

Pabalate     Emily                           Terra et Luna                        Research Triangle High School

Yang            Rebecca                       Doll room                              Green Level High School

Ji                 Zitong                          Nature‚Äôs Respite              East Chapel Hill High School

Song            Audrey                        Doomscroll                           Cary Academy

Bhat            Avani                           Limbo                                    Cary Academy

Wang          Huichan                       The piscatory smell              Green Hope High School

Wang          Huichan                       Quo Vadis?                           Green Hope High School

Wang          Huichan                       Groundhog day                    Green Hope High School


Silver Key Awards

Masterton    Morgan               Moose                                                                 Cape Fear High School

Doak             Addison               Just One Year                                                      Carrboro High School

Shin              Jae Hee                Narcissism: Distorted Reflection                         North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Shin              Jae Hee                Mind and Lens                                                     North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Richey          Ruby                    Silent Screaming                                                  Camelot Academy

Goldsmith    Madison              Bring me back down                                           East Chapel Hill High School

Goldsmith    Madison              out of the garage                                                 East Chapel Hill High School

Arrington     Rachel                 Cozy                                                                     Longleaf School of The Arts

Pullen           Isabelle                Experiment                                                         

Ye                 Andrea                A Reverie of Resilience              Cary Academy                         

Pullen           Isabelle                Procrastination                                                   

Lee               Seojin                  Flower                                                                 Green Level High School

Lee               Seojin                  Ocean                                                                  Green Level High School

Pedrotty       Makayla              Mending Wall                                                      Northwood High School

Yun               Andrea                Grandma Tamara                                                Cary High School

Hulka            Miles                   Medieval Inkwell                                                 Arendell Parrott Academy

Arrington     Rachel                 Into The Woods                                                   Longleaf School of The Arts

Ye                 Andrea                A Day in Seville                                                  Cary Academy

Mudaliar      Aashna                Caligo                                                                  Chapel Hill High School

Park              Marie                  Finding Eutopia                                                   Green Hope High School

Hou              Alva                     Memory in the Deep                                           Green Hope High School

Johnston      Emily                   Do you ever think of me?                       Willow Spring High School

Bailey           Elizabeth             Portrait of a Girl                                                  St David’s School

Grant            Wyatt                  Plush trap chaser                                                 Arapahoe Charter School

Wan             Shidan                 18th Birthday                                                      East Chapel Hill High School

Le                 Tien                     Deadly                                                                 Arendell Parrott Academy

Miller           Quinn                  Onward and Upward                                           Arendell Parrott Academy

St.Pierre       Oliver                  Little Home                                                         Eastern Alamance High School

Fang             Teresa                 Smores and Family                                              North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Fang             Teresa                 Steamed Fish                                                       North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Wood           Shile                    Limbo                                                                 

Steele           Fletcher               Copper Mountain; Colorado                               St David’s School

Lee               Seojin                  Brick House                                                         Green Level High School

Creel            Beckham             Antelope Canyon                                                 St David’s School

Moon           Seah                    Seoul Square                                                       Mills Park Middle School

Jones            Ellen                    Museum                                                              Arendell Parrott Academy

Daniels         Marianna            Love after War                                                    Arendell Parrott Academy

Martin          Maya                   Decay                                                                  Longleaf School of The Arts

Williams       Kate                     Addison                                                               Apex Friendship High School

Eckblad        Caroline               Hawker to Hamburger                                        East Chapel Hill High School

Lee               Junho                  Haeguemgang                                                     Green Level High School

Tewell          Ozzy                    Return of the Mollusk                                         Eno River Academy

Birger           Anastasia             Salvador Dali                                                       Athens Drive High School

Zhong           Claire                   Woven Wilderness                                              Cary Academy

White           Sailor                   Dyslexia                                                               West Carteret High School

Brown          Rachel                 A Heart full of Love                                             North Moore High School

Gayton         Lokelani               Home Alone                                                        East Chapel Hill High School

Smith           Ella                      The Point of Orange                                            Broughton High School

Macha          Esha                     Hanuman Bhaktas                                               Green Level High School

Reppert        Dahlia                  Megascops at the Gate; Rebellio Creationis; The Poison and Elixir of God in the Nightjar’s Primordial Bile Duct                     Longleaf School of The Arts

Gabin           Johnny                 Pollo Del Cibao                                                    West Carteret High School

Lee               Addie                   Realigning with Yourself                                      East Chapel Hill High School

Swinson       Anna                    House                                                                  East Carteret High School

Lin                Chenxi                 Dream                                                                 Green Level High School

Wendelbo    Jack                     Soft at Work                                                        Eno River Academy

Bao               Ruhan                  Reunion                                                               Green Hope High School

Trombley     Garrison              Self Portrait                                                         West Carteret High School

Murray         Maggie                Growth                                                                East Carteret High School

Kamieniecki Alexandra            Oak Trees                                                            Leesville Road High School

Chavis          Collin                   celebrity sculpture                                              Purnell Swett High School

Cruz              Julia                     Fort 10 O’Clock                                                    Cardinal Gibbons High School

Mcmichaels Max                     DADDY; I SMELL CANDY                                      Chapel Hill High School

Nichols         Martha                Lyrical Bliss                                                          Cardinal Gibbons High School

Walters        Gabrielle              Beautiful Drifters                                                 West Carteret High School

Hernandez   Addison               Love finds its way                                                West Carteret High School

Gayton         Lokelani               Dressing Up                                                         East Chapel Hill High School

Shin              Emma                  Innocent Memories                                             Green Hope High School

Mitchall        Sydney                Spring Blossoms                                                  Green Hope High School

Cascamisi     Isabella                Fishly Commute                                                  West Carteret High School

Fratta           Heloise                Metro                                                                 

Zhang           Yanzhi                  Devotion                                                             Green Hope High School

Li                  Joie                      sensitivity                                                            Chapel Hill High School

Marks           Riley                    Abduction from The Darkness                            Athens Drive High School

Doerner       Simone                MHS Hallway                                                       Millbrook High School

Herring         Mary Blake                                                                                      Grocery Store       Athens Drive High School

Malgicheva  Maria                   Paper Boy                                                            Green Hope High School

Malgicheva  Maria                   3 Russian Women                                               Green Hope High School

Nichols         Martha                The Duality of Blue                                              Cardinal Gibbons High School

Chen             Ashley                 Am I Beautiful?                                                    Cary Academy

Ruddick        Aiden                   Pieced Together                                                  White Oak High School

Cheng           Mei                      Summer Day                                                        Cardinal Gibbons High School

Nichols         Martha                5:00 PM                                                               Cardinal Gibbons High School

Mcdaniel      Grace                   At The Surface                                                     Ravenscroft School

Feng             Eric                      Sunset in the Harbor                                           Heritage High School

Murray         Maggie                High School (1990)                                              East Carteret High School

Corea           Noe                     Lepisosteus Keramikos                                        Eastern Alamance High School

Wallace        Robert                 American BB-Q                                                    Croatan High School

Haering        Charlee                Citrus sinensis                                                     Croatan High School

Chen             Lexie                    Untouched                                                         Durham Academy Upper School

Chen             Lexie                    The Curved Alleyway                                        Durham Academy Upper School

Tell               Sarah                   Pitcher Picture                                                     West Carteret High School

Gordinier     Carly                    Carhartt Cargo Pants                                           Croatan High School

Sande Fernandez           Sofia                                   Tempt                                 Green Hope High School

Yang             Rebecca               Diner ad                                                              Green Level High School

Pelley           Simone                What Once Was Small                                         Croatan High School

Song             Audrey                Ramune Rendezvous                                           Cary Academy

Taylor           Hudson                Bonfire                                                                Arendell Parrott Academy

Taylor           Hudson                Ducks on a tree                                                   Arendell Parrott Academy

Zinn              Isabela                 Why Can’t I Just Be Perfect?                               East Chapel Hill High School

Wang           Huichan               Real Life                                                               Green Hope High School

Wood           Shile                    God? Are you listening?                                     

Vanderpool  Ava                      Difference in Perspective                                    Eastern Alamance High School


Honorable Mentions

Lim                Andrew                    Destruction of Beauty                          Raleigh Charter High School

Song              Audrey                     A Delicacy                                             Cary Academy

Memering     Zabby                       Dancing Amongst the Waves               Epiphany School

Lim                Andrew                    Frosty crossing                                     Raleigh Charter High School

Saelim           Gaille                        Daydream                                             Cary Academy

Rizwan          Aamna                     The Quilled Bee and The Honeycomb

Joo                Minchae                   Embraced In Darkness                          Green Hope High School

Wei               Michelle                   Self portrait                                          Green Hope High School

Sun               Kacy                         Timothy                                                 Durham Academy Lower School

Shin               Jae Hee                    Face Masks: Evolutionary Journey       North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Shin               Jae Hee                    Metamorphosis: A Multi-sensory Commentary on Coral Bleaching     North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Lagerholm    Grace                       Fall From Grace                                    North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Smith            Eleanor                    Grandma‚Äôs Visitor                            Cary Academy

Pullen           Isabelle                    Very Normal Family Bonding Activities

Hodgkin        Olivia                        My Guiding Light Through the Darkness            Northwood High School

Kim               Hayeon                    The Rainy Day                                       Panther Creek High School

Kim               Hayeon                    The Guardians of the Palace                Panther Creek High School

Chen             Celia                         Pencil Weave                                        Cary Academy

Yun               Andrea                     Nostalgia Garden                                  Cary High School

Yun               Andrea                     Unconditional Serenity                         Cary High School

Yaseen          Abeeha                    Captured Peace                                    Triangle Math & Science Academy

Park              Catherine                 Rainy Day                                              Cary Christian School

Jia                 Brandon                   Howling Wolf                                        Longleaf School of The Arts

Fang              Teresa                      Fresh Fish                                              North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Liu                 Clare                        Vellichor                                                Durham Academy

Lin                 Sijia                          By the beach                                         Champion Learning Academy

Joo                Minchae                   The Hesitant Spotlight                          Green Hope High School

Zhong           Claire                        Harvest at Home                                  Cary Academy

Vizuete         Maya                        Hereditary                                             Chapel Hill High School

Eckblad         Caroline                   Thread of Sorrow                                 East Chapel Hill High School

Dydynski       Kate                         Resistance                                             Northwood High School

Na                 Yeji                           Synesthesia                                           Cary Christian School

Ceja-Reyes    Ximena                     3251                                                      Eno River Academy

Na                 Yeji                           Grandma                                               Cary Christian School

Bailey            Elizabeth                  The Close Hotel; Tetbury; England       St David’s School

Cho               Joyce                        Dear Sphere                                          Green Hope High School

Ta                  Katy                          Climber                                                 Arendell Parrott Academy

Ta                  Katy                          skeleton skull                                        Arendell Parrott Academy

Cho               Joyce                        Hole in One                                           Green Hope High School

Sebastian      Aleena                      Stuck in a Bauble                                  Green Level High School

Ramsey         Mary Frances           An Egg About to Crack                          West Carteret High School

Wan              Shidan                      Our Time Together                               East Chapel Hill High School

Mishra          Amishi                      Serenity                                                 Green Level High School

Le                  Tien                          Let Me Go                                             Arendell Parrott Academy

Stahoviak      Savannah                 Through the Fence                               Northwood High School

Baysden        Jalyn                         Boundaries of The Heart                      Arendell Parrott Academy

Padilla           Mia                           You are the Author of your story        J H Rose High School

Hamilton       Hayden Elizabeth     Ankole-Watusi                                      Green Hope High School

Yoon             Karis                        (Busan)                                     Alston Ridge Middle School

Inman           Nyima                      Looking in the Mirror                           Durham School Of The Arts

Corey            Camille                     Are you warm?                                     Longleaf School of The Arts

Wood            Shile                         Aftermath of the Family Reunion

Awasthi         Sheila                       Undone                                                 Millbrook High School

Zhang            Ximin                        Morning Lark                                       

Jones            Linden                      Conversations                                      

Steele           Fletcher                    Hot Spring; Yellowstone                       St David’s School

Li                   Yuxi                          Staring Contest                                     North Carolina Cyber Academy

West             Caroline                   Smoking Something Fishy                    Alamance Burlington Middle Coll

Yango            Ashley                      Cloud Formation Study                        St David’s School

Arens            Justin                       Camouflage                                          St David’s School

Wilson          Natalie                     1:53 AM                                                Apex Friendship High School

Komandur     Akshara                    Kids These Days                                    Green Level High School

Doerner        Simone                     MHS Comic Superhero Drawing           Millbrook High School

Vanderpool   Ava                           Gowth                                                   Southeast Alamance High School

Walters         Isabella                    Entangled                                              Eastern Alamance High School

O’Hara          Isabella Marie          Pocketfuls of bugs                                Green Level High School

Corea            Noe                          Deep Sea Container                              Eastern Alamance High School

Li                   Hao                          Assimilation                                         East Chapel Hill High School

Koltsova        Kira                          A Bitter Day                                         Davis Drive Middle School

Mansour       Ilyes                         Color Mechanic                                    Wake Young Men’s Leadership

Eckblad         Caroline                   Cultural Blossoming                             East Chapel Hill High School

Eckblad         Caroline                   Turtle Tracks                                         East Chapel Hill High School

Sexton          Emily                        B.S. Beaty Standards                            Longleaf School of The Arts

Shoffner        Minerva                   Wafflin’                                                 East Chapel Hill High School

Jung              Gayun Emma            Restoration                                           Davis Drive Middle School

Zhong           Halley                       wish i never grew up                            Green Level High School

Ockert           Em                            To Rebuild One’s Spirit                         Green Level High School

Mclean         Maddie                    Can We Hold Our Peace?                     Heritage High School

Mclean         Maddie                    When Will I Be Free?                            Heritage High School

Lee                Junho                       Gunsan Lake Bridge                              Green Level High School

Birger            Anastasia                 Original Character                                Athens Drive High School

Birger            Anastasia                 The Zone                                               Athens Drive High School

Jia                 Brandon                   Nature’s Tapestry                                 Green Level High School

Jia                 Brandon                   Portrait of Jerry Rawlings                     Green Level High School

Kang              Grace                       When the World Fights Back                Mills Park Middle School

Tewell           Ozzy                         Lab Rat for Lisa                                     Eno River Academy

Deviprasad   Shivani                     Seagulls and waves on a summer day Green Level High School

Sissoko          Rokia                        Blinded                                                  Northwood High School

Degiacinto    Nick                          Serengeti                                               Ravenscroft School

Wynns          Logan                       Looking Down from Atop the Griffin   Green Hope High School

Lee                Julia                          Artist’s Home                                        Green Level High School

Howard         Chloe                        A Perfect Teapot                                  Green Hope High School

Mclean         Maddie                    Refelctions in Glass                              Heritage High School

Howard         Chloe                        Just Floating                                         Green Hope High School

Hawryschuk  Roger                       Surprised Gardener                              East Carteret High School

Shin               Emma                       Precious Time                                       Green Hope High School

Shin               Emma                       Plane Ride                                             Green Hope High School

Overcash      Meredith                  Acadia                                                   Apex High School

Tomczak       Reagan                     Lantern Skies                                        Cardinal Gibbons High School

Kwak             Alexandra                Over Entangled                                     Cardinal Gibbons High School

Hulbig           Marcus                     Ramen                                                   Green Hope High School

Felker            Caroline                   My Dying god                                       East Chapel Hill High School

Lucas             Zoey                         San Nicola                                             West Carteret High School

Gonzalez Gutierrez           Yisselle                                                                Papel Picado   Eastern Alamance High School

Ward             Rachel                      Colors of Fall                                         Millbrook High School

Reppert        Dahlia                       The Temptation of Saint Anthony        Longleaf School of The Arts

Reppert        Dahlia                       A still life that cannot sit still 3000       Longleaf School of The Arts

Zhang            Christin                    Stop AAPI Hate                                     Triangle Math & Science Academy

Burgdorf       Ingrid                       Self Portrait in Blue and Red                Green Level High School

St.Pierre        Oliver                       All Tied Up                                             Eastern Alamance High School

Murray         Allison                      1/4; 1/3                                                 East Carteret High School

Windsor        Maria                       Sister                                                     West Carteret High School

Hulbig           Marcus                     Out on the Styx                                     Green Hope High School

Collins           Milly                         Isopod                                                   Cardinal Gibbons High School

Collins           Milly                         Harvest                                                  Cardinal Gibbons High School

Botfeld          Chloe                        Stitch By Stitch                                     Broughton High School

Swinson        Anna                        Missing Sunshine                                  East Carteret High School

Bao               Ruhan                      Oreo McFlurry                                      Green Hope High School

Hudson Schollian              Nyalea                                                               Perfection in Imperfection       West Carteret High School

Walker          Sarah                        Kobe Mixed Media Collage                  East Carteret High School

Goodwin       Sarah                        Changing Faces                                     Cardinal Gibbons High School

Murray         Maggie                     jellyfish                                                  East Carteret High School

Wright          Katherine                 Series #4                                               West Carteret High School

Ito                 Naomi                      Goldfish on a China plate (Sukui)       Enloe High School

Ragsdale       Katelyn                     Important To Me                                  Athens Drive High School

Price             Morgan                    Self Portrait                                          West Carteret High School

Johnson        Juel                           Affliction                                               Topsail High School

Mcmichaels  Max                          Circus Ocean                                         Chapel Hill High School

Lee                Addie                       Disappearing Act                                  East Chapel Hill High School

Brown           Skylar                       Forced Movement                                Croatan High School

Shanahan      Mary                        Wintergreen Vest                                 Eno River Academy

Sheppard      Ryan                         And…leaf                                              East Carteret High School

Sheppard      Ryan                         Coal                                                       East Carteret High School

Alvarez          Shon                         The Lamenting Cello Of Icarus             Eno River Academy

Le                  Andrew                    Rowdy Kid                                             Green Level High School

St.Pierre        Oliver                       Head Space                                           Eastern Alamance High School

Fratta            Heloise                     Panopticon                                           

Olarte           Lana                         Garden                                                  Durham School Of The Arts

Mcdaniel      Grace                       Fruit Distortion                                     Ravenscroft School

Li                   Hao                          Meow Tapestry of Memories               East Chapel Hill High School

Halpern         Maximillian              Weee!                                                   East Chapel Hill High School

Pfistet           Lilly                           labels                                                     Sanderson High School

Zengerle       Asa                           I Taught Myself To Make Cranes          North Carolina School Of Sci-Math (NCSSM)

Luck              Isabel                       Mommy and Me                                   Athens Drive High School

Luck              Isabel                       Last Shot                                               Athens Drive High School

Herring         Mary Blake               Surrounded                                           Athens Drive High School

Bradley         Logan                       Gone friends                                         South Columbus High School

John              Ramie                       Seeing the Light                                    West Carteret High School

Angeles         Jonas                        State Fair                                               North Moore High School

Nichols          Martha                     Madame                                               Cardinal Gibbons High School

Nichols          Martha                     Shrouded Snow                                    Cardinal Gibbons High School

Lizardo-Avila Alexis                       Untitled                                                 West Carteret High School

Lizardo-Avila Alexis                       cold                                                       West Carteret High School

Lizardo-Avila Alexis                       wanna witness your eyes looking        West Carteret High School

Lizardo-Avila Alexis                       can you please hold me like you used to?         West Carteret High School

Song              Audrey                     The Untold Story                                  Cary Academy

Cheng           Mei                          Comfort                                                 Cardinal Gibbons High School

Lin                 Vivian                       ”Butterfly” Kisses                                 Green Level High School

White            Trinity                      When Worlds Collide                           White Oak High School

Cassalia         Paige                        Portraiture                                            Durham School Of The Arts

Holderness   Lola                          The Breaking Point                               Cardinal Gibbons High School

Thrasher       Kendall                     Wish You Were Here                            South Columbus High School

Thrasher       Kendall                     Stargazing                                             South Columbus High School

Foushee        Claudia                     That’s How You Tell A Story                 Durham School Of The Arts

Feng              Eric                           Encased Flight                                      East Chapel Hill High School

Peng             Rainey                      The Slumber Dream                             Green Level High School

Tell                Sarah                        Soarin‚Äô                                              West Carteret High School

Hawryschuk  Roger                       Melting space                                       East Carteret High School

Vachon         Griffin                       Diamonds                                              Croatan High School

Vachon         Griffin                       Trans Joy                                               Croatan High School

Chen             Ashley                      Apology                                                 Apex Friendship High School

Hawryschuk  Roger                       Power of Ukraine                                 East Carteret High School

Campitiello   Emma                       Paper Crane                                          Croatan High School

Sande Fernandez              Sofia                                                                  Home-cut Hair  Green Hope High School

West             Caroline                   Hangnail                                                Alamance Burlington Middle Coll

Fang              Lily                           Fruit Bowl on a Grey Background        Enloe Magnet High School

Song              Audrey                     The Problem With No Name                Cary Academy

Song              Audrey                     Ponder                                                  Cary Academy

Wang            Huichan                   El Dorado                                              Green Hope High School

Wang            Huichan                   Das Da-sein                                           Green Hope High School

Xie                 Jasmine                    The Whale in the Sky                            Enloe High School

Williams        Alyssa                       Farm to Fashion                                    North Moore High School

Wang            Huichan                   Pataka                                                   Green Hope High School

Wang            Huichan                   Within the confines of our enchanting garden…        Green Hope High School

Wang            Huichan                   Silver; Sword; and Stone                      Green Hope High School

Wang            Huichan                   Ecce Homo                                            Green Hope High School

Walton          Aaron                       In a whirl                                               Eastern Alamance High School


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