Congratulations to all 2023 winners! 



Silver and Gold Key works are eligible for an exhibition at East Carolina University School of Art and Design in Jenkins Fine Art Center Gray Gallery. In order to be exhibited, we MUST receive these works by 2PM on January 28th in Jenkins Fine Art Center Main office, Room 2000. 

We will be receiving the works during normal work hours (8AM-5PM) in the main office of the School of Art and Design, Jenkins Fine Art Center Room 2000, as well as on Saturday, January 28th, noon to 2PM in Jenkins Fine Art Center lobby.

You can either deliver them in person, or ship them to us to a following address:

Scholastic Awards, 

School of Art and Design

Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center

1000 East 5th Street

Mail Stop 502

East Carolina University

Greenville, NC 27858


THE WORKS MUST BE READY TO HANG OR PRESENT ON A PEDESTAL in a professional gallery setting. If your work is a 2D digital file it must be printed and matted or framed with a name, contact, and title information clearly visible on the back of the piece. 3D pieces must be delivered with attached info on a piece of paper. Videos will be shown on computer screens. 

If you are shipping your artwork(s) you must pack them safely and securely in reusable box and include return shipping. Your work will only be returned if you have included return shipping. 

Alternatively, you can pick up the work in person from gallery after our reception on February 25th, from Gray Gallery at East Carolina University. Our drop off location is designated on a map here:

This year, we will host a ceremony for all Silver Key, and Gold Key Awardees on February 25th at Jenkins Fine Art Center. Your invitation will follow shortly. 

Please fill out your RSVP form at the bottom of this page.


This year’s ceremony will include some workshops for teachers and students, as well as tours of our School of Art and Design! 

Our preliminary schedule for February 25th (More details to follow): 

10:00AM -11:30AM Campus Tour (Optional- reserve through office of Admissions)

9:00AM- noon Teacher Workshops

10:00AM- noon Student workshops and Jenkins Fine Art Center tours

2:00PM – Awards Ceremony in Speight Auditorium, Jenkins Fine Art Center rm 1220

3:00PM – 5:00PM Gray Gallery Exhibition Reception


Congratulations again, and we look forward to exhibiting your artwork and meeting you at the ceremony! If you have any additional questions, please contact me directly. 

Daniel Kariko,, 252-328-4063 


Please complete the RSVP form at the bottom of this page if you plan to join us for the Scholastic Awards Ceremony on February 25th!


Eastern North Carolina Region Scholastic Art Awards

The School of Art and Design at East Carolina University invites students in grades 7 to 12 (ages 13 & up) from eastern North Carolina to submit artwork for the Scholastic Art Awards. East Carolina University is honored to serve as a host and regional sponsor for the Scholastic Art Awards for the Eastern North Carolina Region, from the Piedmont to the coast including the following counties:

Alamance, Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Brunswick, Camden, Carteret, Caswell, Chatham, Chowan, Columbus, Craven, Cumberland, Currituck, Dare, Duplin, Durham, Edgecombe, Franklin, Gates, Granville, Greene, Halifax, Harnett, Hertford, Hoke, Hyde, Johnston, Jones, Lee, Lenoir, Martin, Moore, Nash, New Hanover, Northampton, Onslow, Orange, Pamlico, Pasquotank, Pender, Perquimans, Person, Pitt, Robeson, Sampson, Scotland, Tyrrell, Vance, Wake, Warren, Washington, Wayne, and Wilson

The regional micro-site on the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers website is located here.



Art Categories have been updated for 2023

Architecture & Industrial Design
Ceramics & Glass
Comic Art
Digital Art
Drawing & Illustration
Editorial Cartoon
Expanded Projects
Film & Animation
Mixed Media
Art Portfolio (graduating seniors only)

Submission Instructions:

The regional submission deadline is December 19th, 2022

Submissions open for the 2022 Scholastic Awards on September 1, 2022. On this date, students can create an account to upload their work. If you are an educator, create your account on September 1, 2022, to register your students.

Digital Upload Signed Submission Forms: Students who submit payment online may digitally upload their submission form(s) after obtaining the signatures of a parent/guardian and educator instead of mailing or dropping it off.

Submission fees are $10.00 per individual artwork submission and $30 per senior portfolio submission [6 artworks for each portfolio].

Submissions fees can be paid online or by check. Online payment accepted HERE.

Please make checks payable to: ECU School of Art and Design.


Daniel Kariko
School of Art and Design
Leo W. Jenkins Fine Art Center
Mail Stop 502
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858





Congratulations to all Eastern North Carolina Regional Scholastic Art Awards Winners!

(Including Name, School and Title of the Artwork)



Portfolio Winners

Gold Key:

Sonali,Langan,Jump or Drown,Green Hope High School

Finn,McLaughlin,Dissonant Evocations of Memory,Longleaf School of The Arts

Indira,Tirumanadham,Tics,Apex High School


Silver Key:

Selema,De Bellis,Kitsch Insects and Other Oddities,East Chapel Hill High School

Evelyn,Inman,The New West,Green Level High School

Constance,Shoffner,Rituals for Comfort,East Chapel Hill High School


Honorable Mention:

Christina,Brannen,Reflections,Croatan High School

Megan,Gungor,Nature v.s Technology,Green Level High School

Evelyn,Inman,Lest Monsters We Become,Green Level High School

Sophia,Oh,Destinations Through the Years,Middle College High School

Gracen,Pack,Deterioration,Apex High School

Cierra,Peelman,Little Wonders,Currituck Co High School

Prisha,Rathi,Through Hues,Enloe High School


Gold Key Awards and American Visions Nominations

Isabel,Chang,Peking Poise,Cary Academy, American Visions

Isabel,Chang,Blueprint of Dreams,Cary Academy, American Visions

paige,hoerner,Buddy,Longleaf School of The Arts, American Visions

Cogan,McMichaels,The Fox Farce: A Satirical Expose of the Propaganda Machine,Chapel Hill High School, American Visions

Cathleen,Xu,Martyrdom,Raleigh Charter High School, American Visions

Rebecca,Bailey,seashells,Arendell Parrott Academy

Rebecca,Bailey,Not funny,Arendell Parrott Academy

Ashley,Banks,Self Portrait,Charles E Jordan High School

Skylar,Brown,Rose,Croatan High School

Wilma,Casey,The One-Eyed Queen,North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Ashley,Chae,Mr. Sushi On Land,Cary Christian School

Isabel,Chang,Cold Nobility,Cary Academy

Caroline,Chen,Happy Aniversary,Green Level High School

Mei,Cheng,Summer’s End,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Mars,Colton,Echo Chamber,Longleaf School of The Arts

Ainsley,Dial,Growth,Eastern Alamance High School

Rebecca,Driggers,Drapery Study,St. David’s School

Rebecca,Driggers,Panic,St. David’s School

Sarah,Goodwin,looping routine,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Olivia,Hartung,Elegy for Ignorance,Broughton High School

Paige,Hoerner,playdate,Longleaf School of The Arts

Anna,Hu,Like Her,Raleigh Charter High School

Monica,Jin,Ambition,Apex High School

Zoie,Jones,Stuck,North Moore High School

Holland,Killinger,candy,Arendell Parrott Academy

Henry,Kingston,Duplicity,Riverside High School

Hunter,Klott,A Quiet Place,West Carteret High School

Sonali,Langan,Goomba,Green Hope High School

Sonali,Langan,Dissected,Green Hope High School

Andrew,Le,Hey Look! It’s a Fish!,Green Level High School

Kayden,Lemons,Me,West Carteret High School

Keira,Linnane,Paint In Colored Pencil,East Chapel Hill High School

Xiaotong,Luo,Life,Green Hope High School

Xiaotong,Luo,Flyer,Green Hope High School

Xiaotong,Luo,Argine,Green Hope High School

Xiaotong,Luo,Silence,Green Hope High School

Laura,Mayeda,Blue Web,Sanderson High School

Finn,McLaughlin,Nora and Company,Longleaf School of The Arts

Madeline,McLean,The Flatiron Building,Heritage High School

Madeline,McLean,Severed Attachment,Heritage High School

Sydney,Mitchall,Release,Green Hope High School

Yeji,Na,Journey Through Colors,Cary Christian School

Martha,Nichols,Void,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Sophia,Oh,Uplifting Hope,Middle College High School

Gracen,Pack,Sweet melon,Apex High School

Benjamin,Paslov,Bureaucratic Sonata,Chapel Hill High School

Simone,Pelley,Mockingbird,Croatan High School

Simone,Pelley,Succelent,Croatan High School

Ella,Perin,The Reality of School,Durham School Of The Arts

Indigo,Rodriguez,Stop taking What’s Not Yours,Longleaf School of The Arts

Emily,Sciortino,Plastic Ocean,West Carteret High School

Audrey,Song,En Passant,Cary Academy

Addison,Stuckey,The Jungle,Longleaf School of The Arts

Maggie,Su,Seashell Sculpture,Cary Academy

Ishaan,Subhash,Climate Change Iceberg,Green Hope High School

Anna,Swinson,Epilogue,East Carteret High School

Samantha,Thurber,Stream of Conciousness,Northwood High School

Reagan,Tomczak,Don’t Look,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Helena,Torrey,Puzzled,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Helena,Torrey,Natural Beauty,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Madison,Vanoni,Where The Grass Is Greener,Willow Spring High School

Eric,Wan,Bynum Bridge,East Chapel Hill High School

Hasini,Yeluri,Dragon Eye,Alston Ridge Middle School

Tongyu,Zhang,Stamp and Letter from my Great Grandfather,Athens Drive High School

Yanzhi,Zhang,Hidden,Green Hope High School

Yanzhi,Zhang,The Conversationalists,Green Hope High School


Silver Key Awards

Ava,Astilla,Disconnected Classroom,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Ava,Astilla,Unzipped,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Charlotte,Ayers,Streetlight Sort of Sight,Cary Christian School

Reya,B,Routine,Topsail High School

Ruhan,Bao,Still Life Jar,

Isabella,Cascamisi,Harmonized Chaos,West Carteret High School

Isabel,Chang,Cai Di Zhi Shen(Grandma’s Enchanted Garden)”,Cary Academy

Isabel,Chang,Curiosity v.s. Three Cats,Cary Academy

Sydney,Cortina,Struggling with Self,Cape Fear Academy

Sydney,Cortina,Wind Blown,Cape Fear Academy


conner,fulcher,purgatorio,West Carteret High School

Eliza,Gilliom,Dead in the Pond,East Chapel Hill High School

Sarah,Goodwin,surgical cacophobia,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Megan,Gungor,Mini Art Room,Green Level High School

Kristen,Hardy, ,Ravenscroft School

paige,hoerner,Baking,Longleaf School of The Arts

paige,hoerner,Bath,Longleaf School of The Arts

Will,Horn,Abstract Pour Painting,St. David’s School

Elexis,Hoyt,Abandonment,North Moore High School

Marcus,Hulbig,My ‘Ukulele,Green Hope High School

Naomi,Ito,Phantom of the Octopus,Enloe High School

Charlotte,Jeffries,The Fanciest Rat,Green Hope High School

Da Hyeon,Jeong,Gogung,Panther Creek High School

Alia,Jones,Too Many To Remember,Topsail High School

Zoie,Jones,FDA approved,North Moore High School

Hayeon,Kim,Sharing time,Panther Creek High School

Hunter,Klott,Sunrise Calling,West Carteret High School

Nea,Kollbach,Post-Bellum,Green Level High School

Jewelianna,Kyle,Schlump,West Carteret High School

Atlas,Lad,Space Monkey : Mars Mission Report,Durham Academy

Annie,Lan,Greenhouse,Cary Academy

Sonali,Langan,Muddled,Green Hope High School

Sonali,Langan,Green with Envy,Green Hope High School

Sonali,Langan,Swept Through,Green Hope High School

Amy,Le,Red Ghost,Green Hope High School

Alex,Lee,Voucher de soleil sur la Dame de far,Green Level High School

Sophia,Lee,Fragile Vulnerability,Green Level High School

Andrew,Lim,Life underneath,Alston Ridge Middle School

Karoliina,Luik,Expectations,Athens Drive High School

Karoliina,Luik,Longing to Dance,Athens Drive High School

Esha,Macha,The Village Beauty,Green Level High School

Kaitlyn,Mason,Finding Atlantis,Eastern Alamance High School

Madeline,McLean,What She Needs To Say,Heritage High School

Madeline,McLean,Over-Exposed,Heritage High School

Cogan and Max,McMichaels,If You Love Me,Chapel Hill High School

Nevaeh,Mercer,At War with Oneself,Northern Nash High School

Tatiana (Ciel),Molina-Hueda,Still Life in Colored Pencil,Charles E Jordan High School

Mackenzie,Moyer,Balance,Croatan High School

Aashna,Mudaliar,Sweet Dreams,Chapel Hill High School

Yeji,Na,two worlds,Cary Christian School

Nisharga,Natarajan,Nature in the cold,Green Level High School

Martha,Nichols,Renaissance,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Karly,Nies,Old Soul,

Sophia,Oh,City Drives,Middle College High School

Tory,Oxendine,Peeking Through,Purnell Swett High School

Mengyang,Pan,Nature’s Sound,

Emery,Polk,Leaves after October Frost,

Taliyah,Ragland,Sammi,Durham School Of The Arts

Frances,Ramsey,Two Wolves,West Carteret High School

Jaysa,Raynor,Camera Shy,West Carteret High School

Dahlia,Reppert,Red Morning,Longleaf School of The Arts

Dahlia,Reppert,Burning Piano,Longleaf School of The Arts

Gabriela,Reyes Rodriguez,Mech Tiger,Graham High School

Annika,Rogov,Kerosine,Green Hope High School

Jackson,Rouser,Abstract Marilyn,St. David’s School

Grace,Sanchez,Toxic Parents,Green Hope High School

Sofia,Sande Fernandez,Theoretical Perspectives on Reality,Green Hope High School

Emily,Sciortino,My Backyard,West Carteret High School

Jack,Sena,Light,St. David’s School

Mary,Shanahan,Circles of Yarn Cardigan,Eno River Academy

Molly,Shartzer,Untitled,Martin Middle School

Katie,Shen,The Burdened Child,


Emma,Shin,Behind my Masks,Green Hope High School

Jae Hee,Shin,Victim of this War,North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Constance,Shoffner,Making A Cake,East Chapel Hill High School

Audrey,Song,A Grand Night,Cary Academy

Maggie,Su,The Spatiality of Hurdling,Cary Academy

Annabel,Swansey,R. on the Couch,Camelot Academy

Annabel,Swansey,Horror Vacui,Camelot Academy

Sarah,Tell,Guard Of The Night,West Carteret High School

Ozzy,Tewell,Climbing,Eno River Academy

Indira,Tirumanadham,Everyday Routine,Apex High School

Indira,Tirumanadham,Hangnail,Apex High School

Indira,Tirumanadham,Pierced,Apex High School

Helena,Torrey,Speechless,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Helena,Torrey,Break Through,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Helena,Torrey,The Movement,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Alexis,Urrutia,Self-Portrait,Greene Central High School

Alexandra,Vazquez,Its Me,West Carteret High School

Isabella,Walters,Birds of a Feather,Eastern Alamance High School

Eric,Wan,Hairband,East Chapel Hill High School

Caroline,West,Isolation,Alamance-Burlington Early College

Ava,Wilson,Black Nothingness,North Moore High School

Katherine,Wright,Self-Portrait,West Carteret High School

Zhongtian,Wu,An Unexpected Encounter,Green Hope High School

Anjie,Xu,Cotton in a Jar,

Cathleen,Xu,Whimsical Daydreams,Raleigh Charter High School

Frankie,Yan,Bug,Apex High School

Michael,Yang,Dentist Visit,Panther Creek High School

Rebecca,Yang,Aquamarine,Green Level High School

Rebecca,Yang,Demon,Green Level High School

Rebecca,Yao,Bryce Canyon,Cary Academy

Ayla,Zales,Tudor Cottage,Croatan High School

Yanzhi,Zhang,Family,Green Hope High School

Yanzhi,Zhang,Life Giving,Green Hope High School

Olivia,Zhao,Sea Enclosure,Chapel Hill High School

Renee,Zhu,Delusive Imagination,Cary Academy

Renee,Zhu,Happily Ever After,Cary Academy


Honorable Mentions

Emma,Aldredge,Peace at Green,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Emma,Aldredge,Emma Day,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Sebastian,Alvarenga,Universe of Bubbles,Wake Young Men’s Leadership

Gracie,Anklam,Shady Lady,Croatan High School

Ava,Astilla,My Unforeseeable Future,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Ava,Astilla,Incomplete Without Eyesight,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Ava,Astilla,Limitless Luminosity,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Charlotte,Ayers,Little Forks in the Road,Cary Christian School

Reya,B,Entrapment,Topsail High School

Sara,Brown,Light the Way,West Carteret High School

Valerie,Byrd,Connect the Dots,Eastern Alamance High School

Vincent,Cao,Sleepyhead,Durham Academy

Ashley,Chae,Yipping Hairless Pherrablobstrismwa,Cary Christian School

Isabel,Chang,The Bystander’s Silence,Cary Academy

Ashley,Chen,ADHD,Green Hope High School

Caroline,Chen,Glowing personality,Green Level High School

Milo,Ciccone,Summer’s End,Charles E Jordan High School

Mars,Colton,Icarus,Longleaf School of The Arts

Mars,Colton,Wired Whole,Longleaf School of The Arts

Addi,Crowder,The Bookshelf,West Carteret High School

Ella,Crowley,Guess What?,Northwood High School

Lois,Cunningham,Self-Portrait #1,North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Katerina,Dimov,Thunder Spell,Green Hope High School

Brianna,Donigan,The Obscured Path,Ravenscroft School

Isabela,Espinoza,A Voices Impact,Green Hope High School

Lily,Fang,Portland Head Historic Lighthouse,Carnage Middle School

Teresa,Fang,Small Business In My Hometown,East Chapel Hill High School

Teresa,Fang,boy and meatstick,East Chapel Hill High School

Teresa,Fang,sketch in french class,East Chapel Hill High School

Stella,Ferguson,Deconstructed Magic,Shughart Middle School

Francesca,Gervase,Standing Tall,Green Level High School

Nilah,Guerra,Lined Paper Reality,Grace Christian School

Olivia,Hartung,Collection of Odds and Ends,Broughton High School

Hannah,Herlong,my eye,Arendell Parrott Academy

paige,hoerner,Stories,Longleaf School of The Arts

Elexis,Hoyt,Trashtopia,North Moore High School

Anna,Hu,Freedom Wings,Raleigh Charter High School

Anna,Hu,Hai! Hard Seltzer,Raleigh Charter High School

Anna,Hu,Caroline,Raleigh Charter High School

Jordyn,Jeffries,Relax,North Moore High School

Jasmine,Ji,Mother,East Chapel Hill High School

Jasmine,Ji,Self portrait,East Chapel Hill High School

Shreeya,Joshi,Shattered Self,Green Level High School

Hayeon,Kim,State of Mind,Panther Creek High School

Hayeon,Kim,Still,Panther Creek High School

Emily,King,Me as an Icon,Durham School Of The Arts

Courtney,Lassiter,Scissors Beat Rocks,Smithfield-Selma High School

Tien,Le,regal corgi,Arendell Parrott Academy

Emma,Leddy,Sold out!,Green Level High School

Junho,Lee,Mexico City Chinatown,Green Level High School

Siyu,Liu,Mother,Guy B Phillips Middle School

Izzy,Luck,Devin Donato Event Poster,Athens Drive High School

Josie,Ludlam,A Joyous Stay,Ravenscroft School

Avery,Maddix,Champagne Glass,Croatan High School

Alexa,Mailey,River Water Otter,Cape Fear Academy

Amishi,Mishra,”””Shaadi”” – The Wedding”,Green Level High School

Sydney,Mitchall,Game of Life,Green Hope High School

Jj,Mitchell,enfant near the ct,Ravenscroft School

Gabrielle,Morris,gutted gold fish,Athens Drive High School

Gabrielle,Morris,Pretty pink,Athens Drive High School

Gabrielle,Morris,Daisy delicacy,Athens Drive High School

Maggie,Murray,15 going under,East Carteret High School

Sydney,Musgrave,Off the edge,Eno River Academy

Yeji,Na,Rural Pathways,Cary Christian School

Em,Ockert,The Chain,Green Level High School

Sophia,Oh,Circle of Life,Middle College High School

Sophia,Oh,Tea Time,Middle College High School

Sophia,Oh,Technological Connection,Middle College High School


Benjamin,Paslov,You want to look busy when the boss is in the house,Chapel Hill High School

Prisha,Rathi,In Love Lilacs,Enloe High School

Jaysa,Raynor,Lonely,West Carteret High School

Dahlia,Reppert,Biopunk Shrine,Longleaf School of The Arts

Maryam,Samei,Lingua Franca,East Chapel Hill High School

Willem,Sandvik,Crowding,Northwood High School

Emily,Sexton,Colorful Thinking,Longleaf School of The Arts

Katie,Shen,I Hear My Grandparents’ Calling,

Katie,Shen,Strings Attached to Her Rights,

Jae Hee,Shin,Across the Window,North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Rokia,Sissoko,Don’t Look!,Northwood High School

Lily,Smith,Structure,Apex High School

Lily,Smith,Cold,Apex High School

Audrey,Song,Bound,Cary Academy

Addison,Stuckey,Bathtime,Longleaf School of The Arts

Maggie,Su,By the Food Stalls,Cary Academy

Maggie,Su,Them and Me,Cary Academy

Annabel,Swansey,Too Late!,Camelot Academy

Annabel,Swansey,Entwistle the Vacationing Man,Camelot Academy

Allison,Tian,Finished,East Chapel Hill High School

Indira,Tirumanadham,Allergic,Apex High School

Helena,Torrey,Purity,Cardinal Gibbons High School

Shidan,Wan,Whale Fall,East Chapel Hill High School

E,Warren,Don’t Cry,Longleaf School of The Arts

Jewel,Williamson,Portrait,West Carteret High School

Maria,Windsor,Restless,West Carteret High School

Haimeng,Yang,The Price of Progress,Green Level High School

Rebecca,Yao,Little Unicorn,Cary Academy


Please complete the RSVP form if you plan to join us!