School of Art and Design Scholarships via ECU Award
closed for this cycle

School of Art and Design scholarships are available for future and current undergraduate and graduate students based on merit reflected in a portfolio of work and academics. Scholarships are funded by generous friends and donors to the School who believe in our School and the power of art and design education.

The due date for all scholarship applications is January 15 for all awards, which are awarded in the following academic year.

For School of Art and Design scholarships, future and current students must apply online through ECUAward. Use your PirateID and Passphrase to enter the site, where you will be directed to the Opportunities page.

To review all the opportunities available to SoAD students, visit the School of Art and Design scholarship page. You can review the criteria for the various opportunities, available based on your degree, concentration, and year in school.

To apply, complete a general scholarship application in ECUAward. After you complete this step, you will automatically be auto-matched with additional scholarship opportunities that you qualify for, based on those scholarships’ criteria. Annually funding is contingent upon scholarship guidelines and funding availability.

Next, you must apply for SoAD scholarships because they are “Apply-To” opportunities. You must submit additional material, including a portfolio, image list, and written statement about your work to be considered.

Scholarship applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty that represent the diverse areas of study within SoAD. After making selections for scholarships, students will be notified about their applications.

All scholarship recipients are required to write a formal thank you letter to the donor that generously supports the scholarship. Directions for the letter will be distributed after scholarships are awarded each spring.

Scholarship recipients are recognized at the School’s Spring Awards Celebration. You will receive information regarding the date and time of this event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Director Seo Eo at or 252-328-6281.

AY2024-25 SoAD Scholarship InfoSession PDF

AY2024-25 SoAD Scholarship InfoSession Recording

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