Dylan Minyard

BFA ’20 Animation and Interactive Design
BA ’20 Multidisciplinary Studies Art Histories

Dylan Minyard is a digital media generalist who has experience with 3D Modeling, 2D and 3D Animation, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, and Substance Programs. He emphasizes fantasy and mysticism in his works as well as elements of the surreal. Dylan aspires to continue developing himself as an artist with an eye towards environment design and motion graphics.


Demo Reel


Bike Adventures

Dylan Minyard, Brooke Bramante: Animating Characters, Recording, Storyboarding
Bike adventures was a fun attempt at a stop motion animation where Brooke Bramante and I looked for material in magazines. We would then cut out the environment and characters from the magazine to piece together our own story. Our inspiration for this project was Terry Gilliam and his stop motion animations for Monty Python. My contributions to the project were Animating Characters, Recording, Storyboarding.


Animal Heist

Animal Heist was a semester-long group project where I mainly concentrated on designing the environment as well as perform some 3D character work. I also had a hand in some of the animations, which are primarily at the end of the video. Group Members: Dylan Minyard, Brooke Bramante, Lindsay Lawton, John Mompoint. My contributions were Animating Characters, Character Modeling, Environment Design, Character Rigging, Storyboarding.


Wish You Were Here Trip

One of my first attempts at mixing 2D and 3D media. I wanted to immerse the viewer in a surreal atmosphere while also paying homage to Pink Floyd’s anti-war messages.


Good for You Character Models

These were characters created for a game where the protagonist had to hide from government bots who wanted to turn them into a robot. I wanted to emphasize a more cartoony feel with the antagonists while also maintaining a sense of threat.


YouTube Loading Animation


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Mystic Garden

Mystic Garden was a project where I refined the pipeline that went into creating a 3D environment. I incorporated programs such as Z-Brush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Maya, all in one process. My intent for this project was to create a small garden that took inspiration from pagan mysticism.


Windmill Island