Current Students

Get the most out of your time at SoAD! In addition to your coursework, the School and University offer a wealth of activities focused on art, design, and preparing you for life after ECU.


Art supplies can be purchased at Dowdy Student Store in the Main Campus Student Center.

Many faculty require art kits purchased from Dick Blick online. Please ask your instructor if they have a required supplies list!

Dowdy Student Stores


Policies Regarding Student Artwork and Property

Abandoned Student Artwork and Personal Property Policy

Student artwork, supplies, tools, and/or technologies left in or around Jenkins Fine Arts Center must be removed from campus within one week of the end of each academic term because of limited space in Jenkins Fine Arts Center. This includes artwork and supplies left in art studio classrooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms, hallways, foyers, storage rooms, the kiln/sculpture yard, and outdoor space adjacent to Jenkins Fine Arts Center.

One week after the end of Spring semester all lockers will be cleaned; student locks will be cut, and all items will be disposed. Any property remaining after that date shall be considered abandoned and it will be disposed unless a formal arrangement has been made with the School of Art and Design Director or Assistant Director to retain the work beyond this deadline. The Director and/or Assistant Director has the discretion to approve or decline to hold student property for up to 90 calendar days beyond the cleanout date. The School is not responsible for the location and/or condition of abandoned student artwork and property.

Graduating students are expected to vacate their dedicated studio space no later than one week after their last semester of enrollment (e.g. one week after University Commencement). All property must be removed, the space must be cleaned, and keys must be returned to the Main Office. Any items left beyond one week will be considered abandoned and will be disposed.


Loan of Student Artwork Policy

Students who wish to loan the School artwork must meet with the Director of the School to discuss the loan proposal. The Director has the discretion to approve or decline a loan of student artwork. All student or former-student artwork on loan must have a signed loan agreement that states the duration of the loan. The School reserves the right to shorten a loan of artwork at any time. The School will notify the artist that they have 30 calendar days to make arrangements to retrieve the artwork. If the artist does not respond to communication or is unreachable the artwork will be disposed of 90 days after the termination of the loan.


Donation of Student Artwork Policy

Students may donate artwork to the School. The Director has the discretion to approve or decline a donation of student artwork. All student or former-student artwork donations must be processed through University Advancement with the caveat that artwork can be deaccessioned for sale to benefit student scholarships and/or disposed.