Chloe Baylor

BFA ’20 Animation and Interactive Design

Chloe was born in South Carolina but currently lives in North Carolina. She is a motion graphics artist that studied animation during her college career. Her passion for art started at a young age when she would spend time with her older sister drawing. Her art is a way to show the world what goes on in her mind.

Chloe uses a variety of characters, animals, and objects to story tell. Her favorite techniques are transitions that help her videos flow and choosing different color schemes to create a specific mood. She likes to incorporate herself into some of her work to make it unique to her. In her traditional work, she likes realism but prefers an unrealistic style when animating. Music, advertisements, and cartoons heavily inspire her.


Demo Reel


Converse Animated Logo


Ride the Fences

Stop Motion Animation



Animated Lyric Video
Music: Spicy by 2ToneDisco, BLODCODE, and MYLK


Everything at Once