Student Organizations

Join a student-run guild to build community with students who share your interests and access creative professional development opportunities. Every year each guild presents a professionally crafted financial budget and applies to fund visiting artists/scholars and workshops. The guilds are open to any ECU student, and focus on building community and professional opportunities for students focused on particular disciplines.

Each year the guilds produce a number of events, including a guild fair at the SoAD’s Fall Guild Fair. At the beginning of December each year the VAF organizes a Holiday Sale for students to sell their work. A broad range of artwork, design, and crafts are available with proceeds going directly to students to support their studies.

Reach guilds through email or social media, keep an eye out for fliers posted in Jenkins Fine Arts Center, or fill out the form below.

Form: Join a Guild

Visual Arts Forum

The Visual Arts Forum (VAF) is a  school-wide organization that focuses on communication among the School’s varied disciplines and students. The VAF is the umbrella-funding body for the student organizations, known as Guilds. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students manage a significant budget the focuses on a visiting artist/scholar program.


Animation/Interactive Design Guild

The mission of the Animation/Interactive Design Guild is to connect students with the world; to combine various skills through projects; and to establish camaraderie within the Animation/Interactive Design Program. For more information on news and events visit the guild’s Facebook group.

Facebook: Animation/Interactive Design Guild Facebook Page
Advisor: Amy McIntyre

Art Education Guild

Advisor: Robbie Quinn

Art Histories Guild

Advisor: Ron Graziani

Ceramics Guild

The Ceramics Guild provides students with practical experiences through guild-sponsored sales, trips, workshops, and exhibitions. The Guild raises funds during the academic year and assists its members in attending professional conferences and summer residencies. The Ceramics Guild strives to connect with the local and university community and helps raise awareness of the ceramic arts through these activities.

The Guild has supported international artists-in-residents from St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; Riga, Latvia; and Helsinki, Finland, and sponsored visiting artist workshops which have included Janet Mansfield, Brad Schwieger, Lana Wilson, John Neely, Setuo Watanabe, Susan Filley, Mark Burns, Hong-Ling Wee, Stephen Hill, Phyllis Kloda, Val Cushing, Samantha Henneke, Bruce Gholson, Tara Wilson, Norm Schulman, Lisa Clague, Don Reitz, Linda Christianson, Jack Troy, and many other professional clay artists.

The ECU Ceramics Guild has made contributions to charitable organizations such as Central Asia Institute to Promote and Support Literacy and Education in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Global Giving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund and makes annual contribution to ECU Campus Living Empty Bowls, Carter Williams Caropreso Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness, and others.

Adivsor: Jim Tisnado
Facebook: Ceramics Guild Facebook Page

Design Associates and AIGA student chapter (graphic design)

Graphic design students run the Design Associates (DA) and a student chapter of AIGA. Student and faculty regularly travel to Raleigh to attend AIGA Raleigh meetings and events. The DA organizes and funds visiting artists. In recent years, designer/poster artist James Victore, letterpress printers Jim Sherraden (of Hatch Show Print) and Amos Kennedy, art director Patrick Flynn, and illustrators Sue Coe, David McLimans, and Kyle Webster gave talks and workshops.

Advisor: Dan Elliott
Facebook: Design Association Facebook Page
Linkedin: Design Association LinkedIn Page
Instagram: Design Association Instagram Page


Film and Video Production Guild

The Cinema Guild is comprised of students from throughout campus who are passionate about film and videomaking. Recent field trips included journeys to Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC as well as the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC.

Advisor: Erick Green
Twitter: Cinema Guild Twitter Account
Facebook: Cinema Guild Facebook Page
Instagram: Cinema Guild Instagram Page

Illustration Guild

The Illustration Guild promotes the interests of students in the illustration concentration. Student members have an opportunity to engage in activities that enhance their educational experience, including hosting nationally recognized illustrators and field trips. Recent field trips included New York and Washington, DC. The guild also regularly hosts well-known illustrators including Yuko Shimizu, Kent Barton, Neil Brennan, Sue Coe, Mercer Mayer, David McLimans, James Ransome, Kyle Webster, and Kent Williams.

Advisor: Jason Greenberg
Facebook: Illustration Guild Facebook Page

Metals Guild

The Metals Guild provides experiences to students that supplement their university education.  The Guild has organized field trips, visiting artist workshops and lectures, hosted holiday sales of student work, sponsored the symposia, and participated in numerous activities that enrich the life and education of students in the metal design field.

Advisor: Tim Lazure

Painting Guild

The painting guild’s goal is to improve the university’s awareness of the visual arts through exhibitions, workshops, and demonstrations and to provide a forum for the painting students in the School of Art and Design in which all matters concerning them may be discussed.

Advisor: Scott Eagle
Facebook: Painting Guild Facebook Page

Photography Guild

The Photography Guild promotes photography within the School of Art and Design and the university community and provides a forum for students in which all matters concerning them may be discussed. The Photography Guild sponsors visiting artist workshops and symposiums as well as field trips and sales of student artwork.

The Photography Guild typically brings in at least 2 visiting artists each semester to supplement the curriculum. Field trips to regional and national photographic conferences offer opportunities for students to develop professional networks and expand their awareness of the contemporary field.

Advisor: Angela Wells

Printmaking Guild

The Printmaking Guild coordinates field trips, visit artists’ workshops, and provides support for attending print-related conferences.

Advisor: Matt Egan
Facebook: Printmaking Guild Facebook Page

Sculpture Guild

The Sculpture Guild organizes annual events and extracurricular activities, travel to conferences, workshops, visiting artists, and critiques. The Sculpture Guild organizes annual sculpture sales, purchasing equipment, and supplies for their activities. Guild members serve on the student government, university committees, community activities, festivals, and outdoor sculpture exhibitions.

Advisor: Hanna Jubran

Textiles Guild

Adivsor: Robin Haller
Facebook: Textiles Guild Facebook Page

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