Kelsey Cudahy

BFA ’20 Animation and Interactive Design

I am a senior graduating from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and concertation of Animation/Interactive Design. I am proficient at using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects. I have experimented with many different forms of media, but I find animation to be my favorite. I find it to be my favorite because I find more interest in bringing an image to life. I look forward to seeing where my animation takes me from here on out.

Design Philosophy
Often the simplest things are both most natural to understand and most complicated to know. The ability to convey its overwhelming meaning most directly without losing the sense is the most natural and magical way of any one thing. However, it is easy, like knowing how to breathe without thought or knowing when others breathe, it means they are alive. However, the moment you stop and think, “how do I breathe?” your breath stops, and you overwhelmed by that knowledge.

I believe art is a lot, like breathing. I think this because often when I am creating a simple drawing or a full animation, my breath matches that piece. I often catch myself breathing fast when working on an animation that’s fast pace. It is almost like the piece itself is telling to run and catch the next beat of movement. While working on a part that is slow and gentle, my breath flows smoothly and quietly as if urging me to enjoy the moment and not rush forward. I believe that art is like breathing because if the piece is truly worth working on, it makes the artist experience every shape, line, color, and movement. And it continues to make the artist feel it even after completion. Art is a lot like breathing life into something that wasn’t there before. Overall, I strive to feel this way with every piece, even if it is not my favorite work because every breath proves that it is alive.


Demo Reel

This video is a showcase of a composite of my work. It demonstrates my skills and what I have accomplished as an animator. This composite was made in Adobe CC Premiere Pro. This video was completed in Spring 2020.


Pillow Monster

This piece is a stop motion animation that I did in Fall 2018. It is about a monster who can blend in as a pillow but hates it when the bed is messy. The film was made with a Sony Alpha 5100 50mm HD camera and Adobe Premiere Pro.


Language Against You
Campus Movie Fest | Language Against You

This piece is kinetic typography, spoken word animation, made in January 2020, that puts the audience in the shoes of someone with learning disabilities. It was made for the Campus Movie Fest competition. a spoken word Additionally, it covers my disabilities in the piece. This animation was made with Adobe CC software Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, as well as iOS Voice Memos app, and Panasonic Lumix G7 mic.


Moving Bodoni

This animation is to showcase the Bodoni Typeface. This Typeface is used for Neon Signs, title fonts, and logos. Additionally, it can be used for over 50 languages because of its unusual punctuation and fractions. This unique typeface has over 56 fonts in its typeface family. It was originally a poster I made to go along with a booklet about the Bodoni Typeface. I made this animation with Bodoni Typeface, and Adobe cc products Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. It was completed in Fall 2019.


Journey of Time

This piece is a theme scape I did for an assignment in Fall 2019. It was made using the adobe cc software Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. This animation tells a story about progression through time by showing the different effects it can take. Whether it is the forming of stalactites and stalagmites, ancient arrowheads resurfacing, a distance gained, and the progression of the night, or the blooming of a flower. These are all things effect by time in one way or another.


Into the Animatrix

This piece is an assignment to advertise a senior presentation for Animation/Interactive Design seniors graduating in Spring 2020. Each year we decide on a theme and this year is Into the Animatrix. Every senior in Animation/Interactive design concentration had to do our own, and this my version of the poster.



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