Film and Video Production

The film and video production (FVP) concentration focuses on writing, shooting, editing, marketing film, and media projects. Projects are written and developed in classes and produced through a collaborative effort with fellow FVP students. Finished works are screened in film festivals, on TV, the web, and in client presentations. Genres include narrative film, documentary, and advertising agency production. Students develop as individual artists who use their skills in a wide variety of opportunities in the field.


Brian Andrew Chapin
Kacey Joy Courtney
Amanda Dubuque
Lamar Gilchrist
Michael Jordan (and a concentration in Photography)
Jordan Dakota McKoy
Abigail “Abby” Rodebaugh Morris
Charlee Brionne Moss
Kat Purvis (and a concentration in Photography)


Erick Green, MFA
Michael Tierno, MFA
Ken Wyatt, MFA