Hello and welcome to our 2020 BFA Illustration Exhibition. The artists featured are from our Spring 2020 graduating class from East Carolina University’s School of Art and Design. Here at ECU, we celebrate the range of career paths for illustrators, from children’s books to visual development, to comics to product design to book covers and beyond. With problem solving, communication, and a clear individual voice being the building blocks of the illustration experience our students learn to express ideas through powerful, innovative images that entertain, inform, and evoke emotion. What you’ll see here from this talented group of graduating seniors is an exploration of materials, processes, and markets, along with the development of one’s clear individual voice, and a body of work that is both personal and professional. Thank you kindly and we hope you enjoy the work!


Rachel Elia (and a concentration in printmaking)
David Fleming
Camille Glover
Reed Howard
Lexi Malpass (and a concentration in Graphic Design)
Nikolas McKeever
Rebekah Ryan
Zachary Sitter (and a concentration in Graphic Design)


Jason Greenberg, MFA