David Fleming

BFA ’20 Illustration

David L. Fleming is a professional illustrator graduating from East Carolina University, with a business certificate, training in illustration, and graphic design. Fleming will be working on his profession whether it be in his hometown of Morganton, NC, or wherever his services are required. Fleming is an inducted member of Sigma Alpha Pi, the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS). Fleming also has experience working with various clients both local and across different states. Ever since elementary school, I have been practicing art, especially relating it to Sci-Fi and Comic book material. Not limited, however, as I have always applied the same skill to other content. Whether it be religious, sports, still life, figure drawing, etc, I believe in applying the same craft and attention to every project I am assigned. Here and on my website, you will witness the result of twenty years of practice and love for comic books and fantasy has led me. Through the best and worst of situations, I have found my love for creating art escalates as I improve on previous successes and mistakes from the previous. I have learned time and time again that not everything needs to happen right now for you to be happy.


Artist Statement

Growing up, I would watch and ask my dad to draw pictures of superheroes because I knew as a kid, I was not able to. I began practicing drawing the covers of the Star Wars saga during the 6th grade. I have always loved comic books and fantasy, and I still do. It took my time drawing and being with my friends in Morganton to find myself and my style. For some reason, it took me a few years and my best teachers to tell me my traditional linework is when I’m at my best, but I’m glad I caught on. I’m a proud nerd, having one of the coolest skillsets in the world. For the longest time, I have always struggled with bringing aspects of what I love and combining them with conceptual thoughts. As truly deep and intense this whole statement was making out to be in the earlier drafts, I love to make people laugh. There’s something satisfying with causing someone to laugh or smile. I have learned to take myself and my work much more seriously while having fun in the process.

I enjoy turning my work into statements that illustrate what I feel or think of a topic I want the viewer to understand. I also just relish in drawing for myself and I want to illustrate in such ways that show how I feel. I invite the viewer to feel the emotion with me, to experience it, and celebrate the hard work together. To my mother Deatra, my sisters Sarai and Liz, my father, David, my beautiful niece Jazz and all my loved ones, I love you with all my heart.


Preserve The Status Quo, 2019

This illustration was a class project in which
the topic chosen was the situation in Guatemala in 1954.
Acrylic paint & micron pens.


In Your Backyard, 2019

Over Christmas break, read an article
in which it mentioned Klan members in the south.
Micron pens & digital paint.


Gentlemen’s Vile: The Draft, 2019

A branding design that was not used
in the final product but stands well on its own.
Micron pens.


Hurt People, Hurt People, 2019

Micron pens & digital paint.


Gentlemen’s Vile: Mint, 2020

Completed in 2019 but revised in 2020.
Part of the series of different illustrations
for a variety of flavors in the branding assignment.
Micron pens & digital paint./p>

Dactylmorph, 2020

Grasshopper and rhino animal hybrid
drawing was completed in 2017 but revised in 2020.
Micron pens & digital paint.


Unrealistic Expectations, 2020

The overwhelming stress of our unrealistic
expectations placed on ourselves.
Micron pens & digital paint.


Furia, 2020

The destruction of all in the path
of a victim of blind fury.
Micron pens & digital paint.