Zachary Sitter

BFA ’20 Graphic Design, Illustration

When he isn’t going on walks through woods and cities, Zach can be found capturing whatever inspires him in his sketchbook. Since childhood, art has intrigued him, and around four years ago he decided to take that interest even further. His illustration and designs often find themselves nestled between words, nostalgia, and fantasy, and encased in (hopefully animal friendly) leather cover stitched with binding. The work he creates serves to give non-visual artists a visual voice and compliment the stories we grew up on and the ones we’re still growing with.

More of his work can be found at

Artist Statement
Both a graphic designer and an illustrator, Zach weaves aspects from both fields in his work, creating an intriguing fusion of artistic elements. While his illustrations showcase a variety of elaborate textures, his designs follow a direct route, creating an intriguing contrast between detail and simplicity. Accompanying this philosophy, he enjoys employing watercolor for its spontaneity and elegance, and how it can compliment sleek, modern designs with complexity.


A Crash Course in Honeymoon survival, 2019

Editorial mixed media illustration about a couple’s honeymoon in the Amazon jungle.


Au Dela, 2019

Mixed media illustration & design for .Au Dela, a potential tea brand.


Brave Woman Counts Coup, 2020

Full spread mixed media illustration for a Sioux folktale.Part of a compilation.
11×17 in


Farm Animals, 2019

A mixed media pattern design incorporat- ing farm animals used for products.


Last Wish, 2019

A bookcover for The Last Wish, a book in the Witcher series. Made with mixed media.


Rain God’s Bride, 2020

Full spread mixed media illustration for an Indian folktale. Part of a compilation.
11×17 in


Sunken Ruins, 2019

A mixed media & environment illustration based off a prompt.
11×17 in


Surrealist Study, 2019

A mixed media drawing based around and made with surrealist concepts & methods.


Thardid Jimbo, 2020

A mixed media drawing based around and made with surrealist concepts & methods.
11×17 in


Winter, 2019

A character sheet for Winter, a personifi- cation of the season. Made with mixed media.