Funding Resources

The information collected below is for faculty and instructors in the School of Art and Design. If you see an error, broken link, or have a suggestion for improvement please email the Director.

SOAD Professional Development Funds

For the 2022/2023 academic year all full-time faculty are allocated $1,200 in professional development funds. Funds must be paid out by May 15, 2023. Faculty may request funds for travel related to research, attending conferences (as a participant and/or as presenter), attending workshops (virtually or in-person), and more. Faculty MAY NOT receive ECU funds to support travel if they receive any compensation from an outside source. For example, if a faculty member is paid an honorarium to present an artists’ talk or if a faculty member is paid to teach a workshop they may not receive any SoAD funds or utilize the SoAD vans.

  • Faculty may request funding for equipment or supplies to support their scholarship. This may include software, digital or other technologies, equipment, or supplies. Any supplies and equipment purchased by SoAD remains the property of ECU.
  • Travel requests MUST include the day and time of departure. Approved travel requests will be processed by Jessica Sutton, who will pre-purchase airfare, lodging, and other approved expenses.
  • Please submit one form for each request. Faculty choose how they wish to allocate their funding allotment.
  • Every effort must be made to have the School make purchases; it is more cost effective and easier than reimbursing faculty for expenses.
  • All funding requests must have the Director’s approval prior to spending and are approved at the Director’s discretion.


      • Annually the School offers professional development funds for faculty to travel for exhibition openings, present posters and papers, conduct research, recruit students, and more.


      Funding, Grants, Awards

      SoAD Faculty Awards
      • The School of Art and Design is committed to supporting the work of the faculty by providing funds to encourage and enhance research, creative activity, professional development, and teaching. Faculty may request funding (awards) to support their work. These funds are intended to supplement the $1,200 in professional development funds faculty receive for the 2023/2024 academic year. Requests should be no more than $3,000.
      • Requests can include but are not limited to:
        • Additional travel funds for research, creative activity, and/or to attend conference(s).
        • Additional funds to support the purchase of equipment, supplies, or materials related to the faculty member’s scholarship or teaching. Note all equipment, supplies, and materials remain the property of ECU.
        • Additional funds to attend conferences, workshops, or other events related to teaching and learning.
      • Funds are not available for: Faculty salaries, book editing fees, or hiring students or professionals to support research or creative activity
      CFAC Faculty Awards

      Each spring the Dean announces a call for College Awards for the coming academic year. These awards are competitive and distributed across the College.

      Faculty Senate Awards

      The Faculty Senate offers a variety of University-wide award programs.

      REDE Awards

      Awards offered through the Division of Research, Economic Development, and Engagement provides awards for faculty through a number of venues.