Alex Mouzon

BFA ’20 Animation and Interactive Design

When it comes to creating character concepts, drawing is a representation of me as a person. I fell in love with creating characters ever since I was in elementary school, thinking of new designs that I should give to each drawing. To be honest, watching cartoons, anime and playing video games have inspired me to think of new ways to explore the world of character design and how much depth goes into it. My goals however have always seemed to change over time, realizing that my end goal will not be the place I’ll end up after I graduate college, but in due time I’ll have the tools and experience needed in order to get where I want to be. One of my biggest weaknesses as an artist is my self-confidence, as much as I love drawing, I have never truly felt satisfied with what I end up creating. There are times where it feels as if I am in a never-ending battle with all my classmates even though we all specialize in different things. I have seen the work that my classmates have presented, it is hard to believe that I could ever stand in that same spotlight with them. But this is me constantly putting myself down, as if I have nothing to bring to the table. Whenever the time comes for me to present my art to a client, I want them to see an artist that is both willing to learn and improve their skills to create even better character art.


Demo Reel, 2020

This Demo Reel is the last thing that I have put together to close off my journey at ECU, the video contains various clips of projects that I was really proud of, including a clip of my first project I have held dear for years that was assigned by the late professor Carl Twarog. I am glad that I can show off all my hard work to you all. video link


Animated Logo & Loading Screen, 2019

The Animated Logo & Loading Screen project was the first challenge that I was assigned to for my Motion Graphics class during the 2020 Fall semester. For this project, each student must pick a logo (any logo), and must animate by using Adobe Effects, following that, we also had to make a loading screen to go with our logo. For my piece, I chose to animate the SEGA logo since playing those types of games played a huge part in my childhood. For the loading screen, I gave the loading wheel the same color scheme to go with the logo, and just for kicks, I added Sonic the Hedgehog, tapping his foot as he waits for the loading to be complete. animation link


Heaventale Video Game, 2020

This was perhaps the most stressful/time-consuming projects that I have ever completed. Heaventale is the name of this game I created for Laurie Godwin’s 4070 class. This was a semester-long project that took days, even weeks of planning. What made this a nightmare was all the minor things that went into this project, from creating the story, concept art, countless critiques, to building the game from the ground up, each student faced their own personal issues with creating their game. I am aware that my game is not perfect, perhaps once I learn more about coding in the future, I can revisit this project and polish it into the gem it can be. animation link


Psychedelic Themescape, 2020

The Themescape is another project I completed for Amy’s Motion Graphics class. For this, we chose a theme and had to create a visual piece for that specific theme, for mine I chose to make a psychedelic trip that included flashes of bright colors, I wanted something that would simulate a good drug trip. Although those that are prone to seizures, I would recommend that you take caution when watching this video, other than that, this was probably one of my finest works yet. animation link


Prometheus Frost, 2020

Prometheus Frost is a title sequence that I made for one of Amy’s class, using both After Effects and Premiere, I created a very suspenseful video that I still take pride to this day. The most challenging part about this project is the title name carved into the ice at the end of the sequence, the one you see now is the third attempt I had in making this, for the other two files got corrupted, and had to constantly start over. This is the one project that I have shown to a lot of people, and I always get asked the same question, “when is it coming out?”, and I respond with, “not anytime soon.” video link


Creepy Character Turntable, 2018

Another project that I completed in my first semester at ECU, the creepy character project was also a part of another video game project I took part in as a freshman, but for this, each student had to create their own creepy character by choosing an animal, and a machine. In the end, this was the results that I got, this project was the first 3d model I have ever made coming into ECU, it still puts a smile on my face whenever I watch it. animation link