Art Education

The BFA in Art Education combines art-making and teaching in a program that develops professionals who are academically and technically proficient; knowledgeable, skilled and reflective in their practice; committed to the empowerment of all people; and the role of public education in a democratic society. Students in Art Education should demonstrate a strong positive attitude toward art, teaching, and children. Art Education students are involved in art production, the study of art, developmental theories of child art, and the roles of the artist, art historian, art critic, and aesthetician in our society.


Jacqueline Elizabeth Hobbs (with concentrations in ceramics and metal design)
Eva Elizabeth Nolan (BA in Multidisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Art Histories)


Dr. Cynthia Bickely-Green
Dr. Alice Arnold
Dr. Nanyoung Kim
Dr. Robert Quinn
Dr. Borim Song