Robin Carter

MFA ’20 Ceramics

Robin Carter is interested in analyzing the relations and potentials of art, politics, and theory.

The 0.20 Exhibition exhumes the Suprematist cadaver from the desert— the Provisionalist form is eclipsing. Victory over the One is on the horizon. “All is well that begins well and has no end.”

Under Provisionalism I understand the provisional nature of art.

To the Provisionalist, artistic production is in itself meaningless; the significant thing is the social formation and how it is reproduced.

The true value of the work of art resides solely in its ability to contribute to the reproduction of the social formation of tomorrow.

Hence, to the Provisionalist, the appropriate means of representation is the one that responds to the conditions of the moment in question, and as such, has a temporary window of application.

Art, in itself, is meaningless to the Provisonalist; concepts of the essence of materials are worthless.

Relations are the determining factor . . . and thus art arrives at a conscious contingency—at Provisionalism.

The art of the past which stood, ideologically, in the service of religion, the state, and most recently the 1%, will take on new life in the spontaneously applied art of Provisionalism, which will build the world of provisional order.

The Gray Area
0.20 Exhibition
The title of this artwork is The Gray Area. This artwork, like the institutional parameters that define it, no longer exists as such. There are no office hours. The artist is absent.


Black Square with text that reads “The title of this artwork is ‘The Gray Area.’”



Black Square with text that reads “This artwork is indistinguishable from the institutional parameters that define it.”



Black Square with text that reads “This artwork exists between the Wellington B. Gray Gallery and the Main Office of the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University from March 6 until March 24 during the hours posted.”



Black Square with text that reads “Visitors have access to this artwork during these times as determined by the artist’s presence
Monday 2PM – 5PM
Tuesday 2PM – 5PM
Wednesday 8AM – 11AM
Thursday 2PM – 5PM
Friday 8AM – 11AM”






Provisionalist Manifesto




Thesis Committee

Jim Tisnado, MFA
Ron Graziani, PhD
Matt Egan, MFA
Gerald Weckesser, MFA