Scholastic Art Awards Day

ECU and the Gray Gallery invites Scholastic Art Awards winners to participate in a selection of workshops on February 24th from 10AM to 12PM!

If you intend to participate in one of the workshops, please arrive by 9:45AM!

Please choose one of the workshops and respond by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!


Our schedule for February 24th, the Awards Day:

10:00AM- noon Student workshops and Jenkins Fine Art Center tours

12:00PM – 1:30PM Gray Gallery Exhibition Reception and Jenkins Tours

1:30PM – Awards Ceremony in Speight Auditorium, Jenkins Fine Art Center rm 1220

Participants can pick up the work form the Gray gallery immediately following the ceremony…



Graphite on Enamel Workshop

Instructor: Chase Shotton, MFA candidate, Metals Design

Students will be provided with enameled copper blanks that are ready to be drawn on, they will then assist with the firing process to the extent with which they are comfortable. The enameled copper pendant will then be affixed with a jump ring to allow for wearability.


Etching / Printing Intaglio Printmaking Workshop

Instructor: Professor Matt Egan, MFA Printmaking

During the two-hour intaglio workshop we will prepare a zinc plate, coating the surface with a protective ground and draw through it to expose the metal that will corroded by acid. The result will be smooth polish surface with an incised line of the drawing created on the surface, which will hold ink. We will print on dampened paper using an etching press with the potential to create multiples. Participants will be able create an image on a plate that will be etched and printed and taken with them. Appropriate studio attire is encouraged.


Clay Whistle Workshop

Instructor: Haley McElroy, MFA candidate, Ceramics

Make clay sing by making your very own Clay Whistle.  Students will combine basic hand building techniques such as coil, slab, and pinching techniques to make their very own musical instrument.  In addition, in the workshop participants will be able to transform the clay whistles into a small sculpture and have the chance to experiment with colored slips to give their art some flair!