Jessica Christie

art histories
PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Jessica Christie specializes in the visual culture of the ancient and contemporary Maya and Inka as well as rock art in the Americas. Her academic interests focus on three-dimensional environments framed by architecture and sculpture and the constructed performance spaces and landscapes. Her fields of interest have expanded from pre-contact to post-contact societies which she sees as linked and she explores their vibrant connections under the lenses of memory and Post-Colonialism. Dr. Christie has conducted field investigations at pre-contact Maya sites for over twenty years and observed contemporary Maya ceremonies for ten years. Since 1997, her field trips have focused on the Andes. Dr. Christie holds an M.A. degree in art history from the University of Nuremberg-Erlangen in Germany, a second M.A. specializing in Pre-Columbian art from the University of Texas in Austin as well as a Ph.D. degree in Latin American Studies from the same institution.