Shamiek Hinkle

BFA ’21 Animation/Interactive Design

Artist Statement
Ever since I was a child, I have watched cartoons and played games. I was so naive that I thought cartoon characters had to be real people, they were too expressive to be fake. When I realized the created nature of these characters, I became enamored with the skill necessary to make them. How can a character go from serious to comedic to scary, so fast? How could someone create all these things I see on the T.V. or in these games I am playing? That is what I strive to learn and reproduce, as an animator I want people to look at some of the things I make and ask themselves those same questions I asked myself when I was young.


Senior Presentation, 2021



Demo Reel, 2021

Short video collage of some of my best work.


Toothpaste Bot, 2021

Short animation of a robot designed to apply toothpaste to toothbrushes in the morning.


Conveyor Belt, 2019

Short animation of a functioning conveyor belt system.


The Fisherman and the Mermaid, 2021

Jonathan Penuel and I created this Stop motion animation portraying love at first sight between a man and a mermaid.


Room, 2018

Medieval styled alchemist/scholar room.


Robot, 2021

Simple robot I designed as business card art.


Knull, 2021

Model of a character I developed whose primary job is to guard.