R. Andrew Padilla

BFA ’21 Animation/Interactive Design

I have a long-standing fascination with fantasy and fiction creatures and a want to explore something that’s always interested me since introduced in childhood stories. Fairytales and Myths have been recreated and passed around, and reimagined. What makes a fairytale creature harmless, and what makes them malicious? Do we see these creatures as cute because it’s what we’ve been told? I want to express my own interpretations, continuing this tradition in my way, retelling and reimagining stories that people have and continue to hold dear.
I prefer animation as a medium because the pipeline is a combination of artistic disciplines. Animation itself, to me, feels more flexible; it’s easy to make changes and can be used to create things that are unfilmable. Animation is always changing and constantly improving.


Demo Reel and Senior Presentation, 2021



Seluc, 2019

The character design of Seluc began by doing lots of preliminary sketches and studies. I then refined those sketches and created a character sheet that explained the character traits, height, color scheme, and a simple walk cycle of the creature created. From there, I made a 3D model of Seluc using ZBrush. And finally, I created a 2D platformer game using Unity with Seluc collecting tokens in its environment.


Red Gem Crystallian Character Design, 2020

The Red Gem Crystallian is one of the variants of the overall antagonists of a 2D video game I created and is supposed to be a “jack of all trades” of the different stats (health, strength, intelligence, and speed/agility).


Maximum Fear, 2020

The video’s objective was to create something scary to incite fear using Max in Maya. Here, a hunched-over figure chases another after being approached too close while bent over.


Addams Family Voiceover, 2020

This scene was created by animating the Maya Max rig to sync with audio from one of the Addams Family movies.


Demoniacal Dragon Character Design, 2020

The Demoniacal Dragon are the antagonists and hunt down the last of their natural enemies, the Grail Dragons. Their color scheme distinguishes them from the Grail Dragons and suggests their intent.


Knight’s Room, 2019

The idea behind this project was to complete a 3D modeled environment inspired by a time and place in history. I chose to create a dwelling for a medieval knight. I chose a knight since they’re one of my favorite warriors. I found influence from the game For Honor, especially for the style of the swords and shield, which is probably my favorite element of the piece.


The Ballad of Lord Cthulhu, 2020

This Stop motion animation was created by George Leach, Walt Riley, and myself. The animation shows a group of wizards and monsters using the power of music to summon Cthulhu from the depths of the water. My main contribution was building the environment and modeling the character Cthulhu.


The Fire Within, 2020

For this piece, I created a title sequence for the story The Fire Within by Chris d’Lacey. The dragon was 3D modeled in Maya, and the fire and text were animated using Adobe After Effects. I chose the song Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce since it seemed like the obvious choice as both titles have fire in them, and the band’s name has “dragon” in it.