Matthew Thomas Bohling

BFA ’21 Illustration


In my years enrolled at the school of Art and Design at ECU, I’ve had quite a journey finding a personal voice that I’m happy moving forward with. Through work and self-discovery, I have found a direction in my art that is interesting. Crooked lines an imperfections in art have grown on me in recent years, and they are beneficial to the suspenseful and emotional work that I prefer to make. I would love to explore other mediums and media with this style I’ve developed. Anything from illustrating concept art to exploring more three dimensional mediums would be great.



Thurop Van Orman , 2020

Digital Illustration/Photoshop

This is a portrait I did of Thurop Van Orman. He is the creator of the Cartoon Network show, Flapjack. I included things in this piece that had to do with his past experiences with adventure.


The Shadow Over Innsmouth Poster , 2021

Digital Illustration/Photoshop

This is a poster I made for the HP Lovecraft novella of the same name. I based this composition on the moment the strange local townsfolk broke through the protagonist’s motel door.


Der Erlkonig, 2020


A children’s book spread I made based on the German tale of The Elf King. I think this piece pairs well with the original song.


The Crone, 2020

Digital Illustration/Photoshop

The Crone swings her head over her cauldron, with spindly fingers draped upon the hot iron… grinning all the while.


The Sleeping Giants , 2020

Digital Illustration/Photoshop

I was tasked to make a concept art piece based on a prompt from a list. I chose to do a land of ice and meltable locals.


Campaign Poster for Miniatures , 2020

Digital Illustration/Photoshop

I enjoy painting miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons. It is almost as if I am bringing life to these small sculptures. I made this campaign poster to get people interested in doing the same.


Dött Träd , 2021

Digital Illustration/Photoshop

A book illustration for The Dead Valley by Ralph Adams Cram. I wanted to depict the moment the Swedish youth, Olaf, saw the dead tree in the middle of the Dead Valley.

The Snails of the Muzzlfell , 2019

Digital Illustration/Photoshop

This is a piece I made very early in my illustration journey. It was, in my opinion, my first steps into the sort of stylization I prefer to use now.



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