Margaret E. Ferry

BFA ’21 Art Education and Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Art Histories

Art Education Statement:

I have always enjoyed working with children and watching them learn how to create art for themselves. I believe that Art Education is an important part of child development. Art teaches children how to think creatively, conceptualize designs, represent themselves, and express their emotions. The skills that children learn from an art classroom help them to connect with themselves and the world around them. Art History is also important for students to learn about. Art is a reflection of the human experience, and its documentation shows us how people lived through history. One of my personal goals is to include history in my art room. I want my students to know that art can document their experience as they live in our current world. As an art teacher, I will show my students the importance of art through studying art history and will inspire my students to create pieces that challenge themselves and others.

Born a military child at Camp Lejune, North Carolina, Margaret Ferry has traveled the globe before attending ECU. She has always loved creating art and writing stories but began seriously thinking about a career in art in the eighth grade, taking classes in High School to grow as an artist. Starting her freshman year at ECU in 2017, she has fully embraced the pirate identity. Starting as an Art Education major, she decided to double major in Art History her junior year. She loves experimenting with multiple media. Most of her pieces take direct inspiration from her travels, personal interests, and written stories. Her goal when making art is to make art that she would enjoy having in their home and strives to make her personal space conducive to my creativity.



The Lion and the Unicorn Part 1, 2017

Digital Illustration


The Lion and the Unicorn Part 2, 2017

Digital Illustration


The Lion and the Unicorn Part 3, 2017

Digital Illustration


Figure Drawing Study, 2018

Charcoal on Paper

24×48 inches


Copper Sphinx Moth, 2018


4×6 inches


Roadside Evening, 2018

Oil Paint on Canvas

24×18 inches


Crossing the Bridge, 2019

Relief Print

5×12 inches


Owl Pellet Pattern , 2019

Digital Illustration


Walking the Dog, 2019

Aquatint Print

4X6 inches


Character Design Example: Professor Pugsley, 2020

Colored Pencil on Paper

7X7 inches


Character Design Example: Lady Lydia, 2020

Colored Pencil on Paper

7X7 inches



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