Kiana Morgan

BFA ’21 Animation/Interactive Design

I am Kiana Morgan and I am a 3D Modeler. I grew up enjoying fantastic fictional works of art through reading, playing games, and watching movies and shows. Each time I felt inspired, I felt a need to transform my inspiration into works of art that expressed my own ideas. Now, I want to be able to share my work with the world in a way that will inspire others.

Artist’s Statement:
Creations serve as a form of escapism. Escaping into a work of art is one of my favorite pass times. There is nothing like being able to sit down and enjoy a movie, or read a book, or binge an entire show. Creating something for others to submerge themselves in is a way for me to give back to all the inspirations that have allowed me to create in the first place.

Creating is a way to relate to others. In a world so big, which has been expanded through the use of the internet, it is easy to feel small and alone. Art is a catalyst for creations that will lead to connections with others. Creating stories allows me to tell audiences, “Hey, I’ve felt that way before too.” In doing that, someone who experiences my art might feel less alone.

I create to tell stories. Stories are a form of communication. Whether it is to teach, to console, or to entertain, stories are the way that I express myself in ways that are easier for others to grasp and understand. I create art to tell stories that will stay with people and inspire the people who experience it.


Senior Presentation, 2021



Demo Reel, 2021

An animation that focuses on the syncing of the characters lips to the audio dialog.


Boy’s Bedroom, 2020

A 3D Modeled bedroom. Although this room could virtually belong to anyone, I created this room with my brother’s college dorm in mind.


Diner, 2019

With research, references, and much time spent on learning how to model a jukebox, I created my first 3D modeled environment. I wanted to go for a diner that took place in the 1950’s or 1960’s, but I wanted to make it look shiny, new, and inviting to eat at.


Space Beach Concept Art, 2019

I imagined this environment for a group project that never came to full fruition due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This is the concept art for beach that was set somewhere off the planet Earth and was going to be transformed into a 3D model.


Quest for Quilla Title Screen, 2020

Quest for Quilla is a 2D platformer game that I created. It is simple enough for kids to play, with a complex enough story for adults to enjoy. This game follows Brav on his journey to save his kingdom, Quilla, from falling to its doom. The art was created in Adobe Photoshop and the game was created with Unity. All the game music and sounds were original creations that I made with the help of my friend, Michael Welborn.


Quest for Quilla Gameplay, 2020

This is a still from the 2D platformer game I created called, Quest for Quilla. The art was created in Adobe Photoshop and the game was created with Unity. All the game music and sounds were original creations that I made with the help of my friend, Michael Welborn.


Full Bloom, 2020

This is a still from an animated stream of consciousness that I created. I was inspired by the music used in the video and created this animation with Adobe After Effects.


Things To Do While Staying at Home, 2020

This is a still from the infographic I created while thinking of ways to keep myself entertained during quarantine. I created many of the assets in Adobe Illustrator, put them together in Adobe After Effects, and recorded the voiceover myself.


Toy Record Player, 2020

Growing up, my brother and I each had a Fisher-Price toy record player that was actually a music box. I recreated that toy in Maya, recorded audio directly from it, and created an animation with it.


Soar, 2019

This is a stop-motion animation that tells the story of a fish that wishes to become a bird. This animation was created using construction paper, a flat surface, and a flashlight.


Jammi’s Journey Home, 2019

Jammi’s Journey Home is a space shooter game that follows Jammi, a grape jam alien. He must defeat the bread asteroids and peanut butter enemies, the Nutty-Nutters. The music used is original music that I created.