David Villanueva

BFA ’21 Animation/Interactive Design

Painting a picture of ideas for tons to see is why I keep picking up a pen. Every day a new artist picks up a pencil or a brush not knowing where they will be years from then but that artist was all of us at one point. From a student with no artistic background prior to college, I feel as I needed to catch up. However, I see where I was 4 years ago and compare that to today. That progress alone excites me for what I’ll become years later. In a way, I still am that artist who doesn’t know where they’ll be. But it’s a journey of self-improvement. Sharing ideas with an audience fills me with a sense of fulfillment and that’s why I love doing what I do.


Demo Reel and Senior Presentation, 2021

demo reel
senior presentation


Concert Hall – 3D Room, 2019

Modeled after a concert hall for a band/orchestra performance.


Trumpet Mechanisms, 2020

This assignment entailed making an object and explaining the mechanisms of how that object works. For my assignment I chose a trumpet and demonstrated how air flows through it.


Kinetic Typology, 2020

Here I chose audio from the film “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” and gave it a dynamic twist with animated text.


Introduction to Capstone, 2021

This is the first out of 5 animations for my Capstone. During this Spring I have been working on 3 hand drawn animations and 2 Motion Graphic projects. This is the Introduction to all of that.


Title Sequence, 2019

A title sequence done for the book “A Night Circus” if it hypothetically had an animated movie.


Loading Animation, 2020

For the logo “Polaroid” I did a brief loading animation using the company’s brand.


Logo Animation, 2020

Similar to the loading animation, except this animation focuses more on animating the logo as a whole.