Danielle Boyd

BFA ’21 Metals

Danielle Boyd was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has always been struck by the beautiful wrought iron metalwork found there, fueling her metals interest. Danielle’s love for the art of metalsmithing began in her freshman year of college at East Carolina University. She has always had a passion for art but did not choose to hone her skills in one medium until she found metals. Nature’s architecture and textures are frequent sources of inspiration in her work. Danielle plans to continue her metalsmithing art in her home studio in Greenville, NC.

Artist Statement
I have always felt the urge to create deep inside, creating fulfills me. Working with metals gives me a purpose and motivates me to search myself. Creating art is the one thing I have complete control over, the metal does what I want it to do. Sawing, soldering, and hammering metal is an outlet for me, to process repressed thoughts and memories. The finished creation allows me to give the viewer a tiny window into my world, to a glimpse of who I am, without saying a word.



Winter Thaw, 2020

copper and enamel



The Glass Garden Rose, 2020

copper, enamel, and silver wire


Out of a Limb, 2019

casted bronze


Leaf Study, 2020

copper and enamel


A Moment in Time, 2019

copper and brass