TyQuarius Pittman

BFA ’20 Photography

TyQuarius Pittman is a visual artist born in Rocky Mount, NC but calls Sharpsburg, NC his home. The majority of his work is based in Greenville, North Carolina and has been granted local and regional display in exhibitions such as the Alternative Process Showcase at Jenkins Fine Arts Center and BFA Junior Photo Show at Emerge Gallery both located in Greenville, NC.

Always experimenting with new techniques, Pittman is equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and uses both according to the needs of the project. He creates work that reflects sociopolitical issues, morality, sorrow and growth within the community.

Pittman also dabbles into other art forms such as film, dance, and graphic design. He tends to create work that shows a combination of all to produce creative imagery.



I tend to perceive people in layers. We are all made up of underlying stories that revolve and describe us as a whole over time. This is an act of taking pride in each of these understructures that sculpt who you have become in order to respect one’s inner Philotimo; pride in self, family, community, and doing what is noble.

I also work in layers. A method called Cyanogum to where each individual sheet plays its own important role to bind into one living piece: Blue represents sorrows, Red signifies growth and Yellow to symbolize morality.This process combined with the ideology behind the Greek Sculpture law of high destiny is my groundwork. That idea was to capture the perfections of the human body in order to inspire the citizens and current/future artists as they tap into the spiritual world without time or space. These images are a counter representation of that idea to instead capture the imperfections to reflect, inspire and empower the community.