Textile Design

The Textile Design concentration offers students the opportunity to explore individual creativity, cross boundaries, and create contemporary work. Students study a variety of techniques, technologies, and cultural contexts to develop creative, fiber-based art. Using diverse technologies and traditional concepts of repetition to build connections, students explore the broad-reaching impact of textiles to illuminate social issues and personal experiences through studio practice.

The Textile Design concentration includes classes in structure and surface strategies and their integration for unique/innovative work. These courses focus on dyeing (inclusive of all-fiber contents, natural and synthetic), weaving (4Harness through to TC2 digital jacquard), printing (screen, alternative, and digital), felting (traditional and dimensional), off-loom (crochet, knit, netting, spinning), construction with and on cloth, and digital design of repeats and structures. The curriculum culminates in portfolio development and a final exhibition.

The students graduating in Spring 2020 are not only exemplary in representing the diversity of work possible within the Textile Design concentration but also worked creatively to present their work in the best light amidst unprecedented challenges.



Sienna Evans
Emily Gordon
Anna Small


Robin Haller, MFA
Gabe Duggan, MFA