For the Record

Senior Graphic Design students were tasked with developing projects based on the prompt “data visualization”. After landing on five topics, the students separated into groups and began to explore ways to collect and visualize data. The pandemic and shelter at home guidelines made group work difficult for these young designers, but they overcame these difficulties and created the following pieces. The original intent of the project was to have a physical show, which the designers had to then reconsider and transform into something that could be viewed online.

Design Teams:

Mental Health and Covid-19
Isabelle Gallagher, Erin Travis, Wesley Hollingsworth, and Emily Baucom

Food for Thought
Liam Currin-Rogers, Suzanna Moses, Brittany Forbes, Rachel Heidelmeier

Silver Linings
Malin Forsberg, Charis Cutler, Greg Helner, Brian Judge

Pandemic: The Game
Lexi Malpass, Garrett Whitley. Zach Sitter, Will Chance

Personal Data
Sam Vining, Chase Greeson, Dillon Dawkins, Nicklas Strickland, Steven Gordillo
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