Emily Brooke Baucom

BFA ’20 Graphic Design, Illustration

Emily Baucom is a 26-year-old graphic designer from Garner, North Carolina who utilizes illustration and photography in her designs. Her knowledge of the various Adobe programs aids in her ability to provide fresh, fun designs for her clients. She is an East Carolina Graduate of May of 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. When she designs, she starts with a subject, and brainstorms ideas for the imagery. After considering how to convey the imagery or message in the most efficient way, she begins sketching. The sketches go through many different stages from rough outlines and markings of smaller, more important details on the side to combining the refined line work with the detail work to produce a well-rounded first draft. Then the first draft goes through as many revisions as necessary to reach a near final stage. Then, the design is finalized and printed.


Rubik’s Cube, 2019

Digitally Printed Poster


Otter Logo, 2019



Life Saver, 2019

Digital Illustration


Selfish, 2018



VikingMC Logo, 2019



Siamese Kitten, 2019



Siamese Cat Print, 2019

Linoleum Print


Tarboro Brewing Company’s Golden Ticket, 2018

Digitally Printed Label


Viral Movie Poster, 2019

Mixed Media