Charis Cutler

BFA ’20 Graphic Design

Hello! My name is Charis Cutler. I’ve always loved art, and now it’s my career! Designing is such a freeing experience to me; it’s soothing, complex and I’m always learning about aspects of other people’s lives. I love taking those aspects and making them visual. A few random facts: I love coffee, cats, and fashion ๐Ÿ™‚

Artist Statement
Uniqueness is that little fire that burns in our soul. Weโ€™re born with it, it stands alone, it does not need a candle, it does not need a match, it just needs us to feel its presence and live out its desires. It is up to all of us to decide whether we let it die out or let it grow. In the same way that this fire is lit within me, I wish to bring life to everything that I design.


Metamorphosis, 2020

poster design for ECU RCAW


Espresso Yourself, 2020

modular type posters


Keylean, 2017

keyboard wipes package design


Forrest Fairy, 2019