Michael Tracy

Teaching Assistant Professor
MFA Illinois State University

Mike Tracy manages the School’s GlasStation, located just 15 miles from main campus in Farmville, NC. Tracy teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as classes for community members.

Most things in my life seems to come in pairs. I was born a Gemini, the sign of the twins. My mind is split between the logic, fact driven sciences and the emotional, expressive arts. My favorite art styles are expressionism and super-realism. My favorite art mediums are graphite and glass – two media on opposite sides of the art spectrum.

My work combines the two sides of my personality. I create pieces in three dimensions and two dimensions, using both graphite and glass. I use tight, formal lines, and loose, expressive forms. My work features both representational and abstract styles. In the same way I would be incomplete if a part of my personality was missing, the multiple components of my work are there to reinforce each other, making them whole and complete. The figurative elements are taken from the wide variety of subjects that interest me; insects, anatomy, physics, astronomy, the human senses, and mechanical drafting to name a few. Each piece becomes a self portrait, representing a fragment of my personality.