Josh Raftery

Visiting Instructor
photography, first year courses
MFA Ohio University
1114 Jenkins Fine Arts Center

Josh Raftery is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, where he studied forensics and photography. He received his BFA in Photography from Arizona State University in 2011. His current photographic work examines relationships between the living and the dead, representing the narrative of a corpse through a visual dialogue. The images are not meant to insist on the inevitability of death, but rather to recognize our own existence while celebrating the transitory nature of life. Raftery utilizes antiquated photographic processes to emphasize the passage of time, and reflections of loss, intimacy, religion, and the tangible nature of existence that is represented in his work. He received his MFA from Ohio University in Photography + Integrated Media in 2015. Raftery’s work has been included in several publications, as well as exhibited nationally. He has been an instructor of photography at Ohio University.