Erick Yates Green

Associate Professor
film and video production, first year courses
MFA, University of Southern California

Erick is a award-winning filmmaker and has shot many short films, documentaries and four feature films including Love Philosophy, Prospect, Straight Out of Compton, and the Indian Bollywood film entitled Banana Brothers. As a director, he is currently completing a series of projects about unique personalities in small communities in Eastern NC, including the documentary film “Mrs. Buck in Her Prime”, about a 104 years old church pianist in Washington, NC, which recently screened at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC as well film festivals throughout the United States.

Erick has a MFA in Film and TV Production from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to his film career, he gained a B.S. in Architecture at the NC State University School of Design in Raleigh, NC and worked as an archaeological architect in Jordan and Israel.