ART+DESIGN Living Learning Community application

What is the Art + Design Living Learning Community?


Art + Design Living Learning Community (A+D LLC) was created to provide BFA ART and BFA ART EDUCATION majors with the opportunity to experience the transition to a larger university in smaller, more personal group. The community is designed to assist in the academic transition to a university instruction, to support the student-faculty interactions beyond the classroom, and to encourage positive student connections within the School of Art and Design.

In A+D LLC, we discover how to be a successful artist and/or designer and student, connect directly with faculty, and explore the disciplines and resources of the school from dark rooms and weaving looms to a wood shop and 3D printers. We investigate each of the school’s programs including animation/interactive design, art education, art history, ceramics, cinematic arts and media production (film), graphic design, illustration, metal design (jewelry), painting, photography, printmaking sculpture, and textile design.You will live in Garrett Residence Hall, just footsteps away from Jenkins Fine Arts Center.

We have fun! Our programming is meant to foster community and prepare students for future art careers. Each year we host several art workshops, an LLC art exhibition, and field trips.


What will I be expected to do as a participant in the Art + Design LLC?

Students who are chosen to participate in the A + D LLC will be expected to:

•Declare one of our two BFA majors: BFA Art or BFA Art Education.

•Enroll and maintain a good academic standing in required ART courses:

  • Fall 2020: ART 1011, ART 1012, COAD 1000
  • Spring 2021: ART 1013, ART 1014 and/or ART 1020, ART 3000 Entrepreneurship Essentials

•Participate in two Art and Design programs each semester.

•Attend a mandatory group meeting at the start of each semester.

•Abide by the ECU Student Code of Conduct.

You may be removed from the A+D LLC at any point during the academic year, if you fail to abide by the requirements.


Participation in the LLC is voluntary and there are no extra fees in addition to regular residential costs. Acceptance to A+D LLC is based on first come-first served bases. The list of participants is based on priority of applications and the amount of available rooms each year.

You may either select another first year art and design major as a roommate, or you will be paired with another art and design student.

Please join the ECU Art + Design Living Learning Community closed group on Facebook to start receiving communication from our LLC, and connect with each other.



You will ONLY be contacted through your Pirate Email, so log into your account and start checking your email regularly!

You must fill out the entire application in order to be considered for Art and Design LLC!