School of Art and Design Alumni Exhibition 2021

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Wellington B. Gray Gallery Exhibition

Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge


Francis Shepherd
Graduated 1973

Francis Shepherd’s perception of the world and artistic expressions are reminiscent of youthful experiences and early childhood interactions of light, sound, and emotions formed by natural observations of time and space. From imaginative playfulness in natural environments, to abstract interactions with the chaos of modern design, his artworks capture a visual “Amuse-bouche” of life’s palette through personal expression and thoughtful experimentation. While an art student at ECU, his transition into adulthood was shaped by sentient times, untethered experimentation, and the environmental consciousness of the 70s.

Alakai Swamp Trail Moment, Archival Pigment Ink on paper – frame with museum glass, 35″ x 45″ x 1.25″