School of Art and Design Alumni Exhibition 2021

Wellington B. Gray Gallery

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Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge

Janice Hardison Faulkner Gallery


Pete Borsay
Graduated 2021

Making art, specifically printed matter, is incredibly satisfying. Whether I’m screenprinting or investigating the digital process, I find the work fulfilling in a way that other experiences are not. Investing time and effort in these creative activities is my livelihood and primary occupation. Experimentation and intuition are part of the creative process and keeps each composition feeling new and unexplored. The subject matter of my work varies from semi-representational to abstract and is influenced by past experiences and current observations. I’m always looking for something new to work with; images from my subconscious that need to be printed or exhibited in unique ways.

Over the past year I’ve been working with digital printmaking methods that are informed by my experiences with traditional printmaking.

Each UltraChrome pigment print that I create is either limited, varied and/or not part of an extended edition.

Neologian, UltraChrome pigment print, 32″ x 40″, 2021