School of Art and Design Alumni Exhibition 2021

Wellington B. Gray Gallery

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Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge

Janice Hardison Faulkner Gallery


Amie Hodges
Graduated 2017

A Time to Die explores the idea of death and the significance it holds in our lives. Every living thing on this earth, and even beyond, has a beginning and end. Yet the way that our culture views death is as if it shouldn’t ever happen; like it’s an anomaly of human life. When creating this piece, I intentionally used materials that were once alive. The wood was once a tree, the pods were once a plant, the photograph was once sharp and the people alive. Jewelry can often symbolize celebration, and A Time to Die explores the idea that death could be just as beautiful as life.

A Time to Die, Wood, Found objects, 19.5″ x 5.25″ x .25″, 2017